NAACP: Wear Our Chains, Not Theirs

The NAACP has been down this road before. So has the President and his advisors. So has Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. But the more dire the political future looks for the Democrat(ic) Party in the upcoming mid-term election, the more we’re going to see the worst in them and their supporters like the NAACP.

Now the NAACP leaps into action and puts out the call for all black Americans to get back on their plantation with the accusation that Tea Party supporters, over half the nation, are racists. Get out there and vote for the Democrats. Keeping their power is that important to them. What they’re not saying is wear our chains, not theirs. The way this party and this group continually use the race card to obfuscate the real issues is disgraceful. Taking blacks for granted and treating them like mind-numb robots is even worse.

David Almasi of the Project 21 Black Leadership Network calls out the NAACP’s fraudulent accusations . . .

“Looking at the research that comprises this report, I find it interesting that it appears not a single leader of the mentioned tea party groups was asked for its background,” noted Project 21 member Coby Dillard, a co-founder of the Hampton Roads Tea Party in Virginia. “Had this research been conducted, the facts would show that two of the mentioned groups are simply capitalizing from the tea party movement and that two others are for-profit enterprises. I fail to see, just as I did this summer when their resolution was voted on, how this report ‘advances’ black Americans or those of any color. The longer the NAACP stays on this path, the more they show themselves unable to provide solutions to the issues most Americans care about.”

But don’t worry about the heightened racial tension the NAACP is fomenting. President Obama said that his administration was going to be post-racial. I guess that means we will see him on the network news tonight denouncing the NAACP for their ridiculous accusations. Or, maybe not.

Link: NAACP Fails to Disappoint with the Failure of Its Latest Tea Party Attack

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