Race, Democrats, And The Hook

If you’ve ever tried to engage in an informed debate on race in America, you will quickly learn how intolerant or unwilling some people can be.  The trick is in finding someone willing to have a discussion on race in (as President Obama put it in July 2010), “a truthful, mature, and responsible way, the divides that still exist.”

Given a little curiosity, there is a lot to learn about our history. And by “our” I mean American, in this post, History Of Civil Rights, Republicans And Democrats. My contribution to “Black History Month.” The plethora of documented and sourced material in there totally debunks the lie that the GOP of today is, or was, the lynchers, slave owners, and segregationists of Blacks. Something that needs to be done if there ever is to be an honest airing of the race grievance community with the goal of actually reaching the “post-racial” America that our first Black president said he would be a part of.

Picking an educated Black man (Reginald Dogan), who used to write for the local newspaper, and who constantly reminds us of our horrible racial past, seemed to me to be the right place to begin this discussion.

Suffice it to say, the Democrat party has set a hook so deep into the hearts and minds of the majority of Blacks that the discussion Barack Obama says we need to have has become impossible (at least with the person I hoped to engage), as shown by this attempt. Which was reinforced by another and current writer (Troy Moon) for the local newspaper. You know, the people we’re supposed to look up to as being smart, relevant, and impartial.

Of course, their level of intolerance and selective interpretation of “free speech” is nothing new.  It’s who they are. But that’s not going to stop me from trying to reach out to save the savable. And it shouldn’t stop you either.

Commenting on Reggie’s post of lynchings from Southern States in the 19th and 20th centuries, the first comment from a reader was,  “Reginald – don’t look now but it’s 2015!”



Here’s how the rest of the “informed” discussion went between myself and the relevant participants. In chronological order.

Reginald Dogan: Tell Eric, Michael, Trayvon and thousands of others who died from the hands of domestic terrorists, likely Christians, no doubt Americans, like y.o.u.

Ross Calloway: OH right Reggie. You mean those three who died by either being thugs and/or were otherwise breaking the law and resisting arrest? Those three. Those same three that the no-good Atty. Gen. Eric Holder (who even looks like you) determined, after completing his own investigation, that race was not an issue in their arrest or demise. But that’s OK Reggie. You can continue to push that narrative. It’s what most media people, and other acolytes of the race industry, believe. Despite the facts. We get that.

The first response you get is typical of this one. It is never to discuss the issue or what was said.

Frenchy Devore Sizemore: Wow a low information Fox viewer

Ross Calloway: Do yourself a favor Frenchy, and search for the racial hate crime DOJ investigations on those three examples, on your own. After you find them, blame your news source for keeping it a secret. Or, you might want to take the blinders off before running your mouth, er, fingers. And isn’t it strange that this also has to be pointed out for a guy who used to be a “journalist” because, you know, they know everything. That evil exists is clear, to everyone except our president apparently. Hangings were racially motivated. The three dudes Reggie mentioned were not. And btw Reggie, ISIS and Islamist goons ought to be on your radar. They’re the ones who still keep slaves and kill people, for what’s in your head, not so much for the color of your skin. There is no protection from history, It’s ISIS you need protecting from. Your almost weekly reminders of Southern democrats behavior though is a bit bizarre.

Reginald Dogan: Ross you are really funny. You distort truth, misremember facts, disavow history to promote an agenda of white supremacy and American self-righteous. Whether ISIS or USA killing me, dead is dead. Your mindset and agenda do me more harm than ISIS ever will.

So no only does Reggie ignore what he just read, he projects “white supremacy and American self-righteous” on the messenger. Shooting the messenger, ignoring the message, is right up there at the top of the Left’s M.O. This informed discussion is quickly unravelling.

Ross Calloway: You have a problem Reggie if you believe that the USA is out to kill you. Sorry I don’t buy the rest of it, please show me where Holder reversed his findings. While you’re at it, show me where I disavow history. Also, show me how I’m promoting an agenda of white supremacy by engaging in honest discussions concerning race. The lack of discussions on it was, is, the problem. Your pictures look quite real to me. Slavery and hangings did exist in the Colonies. Mostly perpetrated by democrats I might add. We fought a Civil War over it, to end it. That, imho, does make America pretty special. Don’t know why you refuse to see that. Hangings persisted into the 20th century. It takes a long time for hate to fade away. A long time for the racists and haters to stop breeding. That’s why the ‘war on terror’ is going to be a long slog.

Reginald Dogan: Ross, in the words of yo boy paul harvey, and thats the rest of the story. On e more thing: stop the democrat bs. You are smart enough the history of politics. Those demos then are your gop today. Stop distorting history to make an invalid point. Oops, faux news, like you, dont care about facts or truth.

There is the democrats’ spin. (emphasis added) And here comes the supposed back-up.

Troy Moon: There’s a quote somewhere: those who don’t remember something are doomed to something else…Or something like that….

Here’s one Troy can understand. There’s a saying somewhere, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

Ross Calloway: I do politics Reggie I’ll leave the race up to you. But if you check out my blog you’ll see the politics of race.

Ross Calloway: Good point Troy. We all owe Reggie a lot for fending off the lynchings these past 40 or 50 years. Now, if we could only get our president to remember that too, before we have another holocaust. I’m afraid that he is the Neville Chamberlain of our time. Reggie, I’m sorry you believe so much of that crap. Black history is American history, and it includes all of us. If it makes you feel better to believe that democrat re-write, then by all means don’t read about it. (on my blog) I won’t post the link here for you, lest I be accused of something nefarious. Media types should stay away. It’ll shatter all that you believe to be true.

Reginald Dogan: Ross you must be drinking. Troy is talking to you.

Ross Calloway: Sure I know that. And I remember the history that you, Reggie, are reminding us of.. So often. And it seems to have had a dramatic impact on the decrease of lynchings of Black people. Just trying to give you creds Reggie. So Troy, what part of history are you wary of seeing repeated? And why? It’s almost like you don’t share the same concerns as me re:Islamic goons. Seems to me Obama is the one forgetting history.

Another participant joins the honest discussion.

Alicia Pepper: Troy isn’t going to share the same concerns as you because Troy is very much unlike you Ross. & what does Obama have to do with any of this? I’m afraid you may be running out of steam. When wise people run out of steam they quit while they’re ahead. I’m assuming you think of yourself as a wise person having read all of your meaningless canter about things in which you can’t and will not understand. So I guess what I’m saying is…leave it be. Maybe you should go read a book. May I suggest one? 

Alicia includes a selfie of her holding a book about Jim Crow. And so far, no one has read any of the source material I had referred to, nor has anyone commented on it specifically. Just the democrat bumper stickers.

Ross Calloway: Well Alicia, Troy is the one that mentioned repeating history. So since we’re not talking about renewed lynchings, the history I’m hoping is not repeated is another Holocaust. And Obama comes in to the picture because he doesn’t think radical Islam is a problem. Nor does he think Iran is a problem. Put the two together and you have another Holocaust in the making. Besides, Troy has not answered my questions, so who knows what he’s referring to?

Alicia Pepper: Not taking anything away from the Holocaust but lynchings & The killing of innocent blacks happened on our own soil. It is still happening on our own soil. I see innocent AMERICAN CITIZENS being murdered as a huge domestic issue. Isis can wait.

Alicia Pepper: No really Ross you should read that book 

Ross Calloway: Alicia, you are assuming way too much about me. One thing you said is notable though, “things in which you can’t and will not understand.” Has it ever occurred to you that, if that is true, that the same can be said about you? I grew up in the North from a much different environment that existed here 60 years ago. We didn’t have racial segregation. We had sexual segregation. Boys entrance and Girls entrance in school. There were no White and Black entrances, there were no White and Black schools. So I challenge you to be a little more introspective before you accuse anyone else’s motivations. Like I said earlier in this thread, I came for an honest discussion, and am not finding it. The 3 guys Reggie mentioned were not the equivalent of lynchings. That was my only point. They were all breaking the law in one way or another. And AG Holder didn’t find, as hard as he tried, any racially driven motivations in them. It is true that there are some bad actions by some bad cops, they are the exceptions. The “rule” of innocent Blacks being killed is more evident when you look at the murders in Chicago and other urban areas. And, right here in Pensacola.

Ross Calloway: Food for thought for you Reginald Dogan, about what you call Democrat BS. The racists of that day are not the Republicans of today. You are, after all, the sum of the education and influences of your environment. bit.ly/1AUgw6O

Not having tasted the water yet. I posted the link to show them where the bowl is. And still no honest discussion. But the name calling in this “mature” discussion is there.

Jibril Sulaiman: Yes it is. And thats the point So much intolerance, so much hate exists. It seeps out of your pores as “patriotism”, and as “christian” beliefs I could never feel safe at a regular republican event. Everyday on Wear 3 there’s examples of a “conservative” spewing bigotry for Blacks, Muslims and more.

Alicia Pepper: Bigotry…I think I just used that word last night while speaking to Reggie about Ross’ posts. Bigotry seems to be the only non derogatory term I can think of in reference to this entire post.

Reginald Dogan: Why is Ross in such denial. Everybody knows that the gop today is the segregationist democrats denouncing civil rights. Nobody but a revisionist would compare gop of 1800s to racist gop 2015. Ross, you know better. As malcolm said, you cant stick a knife in 12 inches and pull it out 6 inches and call that progress. ISIS is no bigger threat than FBI, CIA, FDLE, GOP, YOU.

Ross Calloway: So much for informed debate here. Since nobody seems willing to read the well-documented and source material I’m referencing and comment on it, whether on my blog or on that link, and the preponderance to call me names, I guess this discussion is over. Must be my fault for being white.

In this last comment, which I tried in vain to explore, everything that was projected upon me by these leftists is owned by them, peeled away, as why there can not be any truthful, mature discussion (at least with this bunch) about race.

Alicia Pepper: No not for BEING white but for THINKING white. I’m glad this is over. Hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!

Refrain: (for Alicia and politically like-minded) “Has it ever occurred to you that, if that is true, that the same can be said about you?”

How does this fit? People like Alicia and Reggie aren’t the way they are because they ARE Black. They’re the way they are because they THINK Black.

President Obama, it’s long past time for some leadership, some racial intervention, from you, if there will ever be a post-racial America.


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