Suicide By Train?

Today’s incident occurred on the tracks beside Hwy 97A,  just south of Quintet road, Cantonment, FL. There are two sheets covering the tracks, about 15 feet from each other.

Today makes the second pedestrian death by train in three days. The victim today has yet to be identified except that it is a male.

UPDATE 4/5/2015: Local news sources have not reported that the victim had been identified. This “comment” on North Escambia’s website tells all we need to know and, what to do.

From the father of the victim . . .

the young mans dad on March 31st, 2015 11:27 pm

I am the father of this young man. This is a horrible thing to have happened for everyone involved. My request is that prayers go out to his 5 brothers and 1 sister that is enduring a horrific period of time in their lives. I also request that we keep the Engineer in our prayers.This particular incident involved more then my son. The engineer was fairly young. He did everything correctly and everything he could have to possibly avoid such a horrid ending. I pray for you as well I know your life has been affected greatly with this incident.I hope you see this. I personally want you to know your in our thoughts as well.