Obamacare Update, He Knew

Recall last October, shortly after the Obamacare rollout, President Obama acted totally surprised, ‘caught off guard’ I think was his phrase. Surprised to find out how bad the problems with the website and other problems with the law were. Everyone was astonished that the President would have been so disconnected from his signature piece of legislation that he was caught off guard. Then news that the White House visitors log showed only one entry of Secretary Sebelius having been to The White House in the 18 months prior to the rollout had everyone scratching their head.

From FOIA requests, The Hill has uncovered dozens of meetings between Sebelius and President Obama, many of those about Obamacare specifically. He knew what the situation was. His CYA was to lie about it and to throw Sebelius under the bus.


Saturday February 15th is National Youth Enrollment Day

That’s the day The White House has picked to have an all-out youth enrollment campaign for Obamacare. Oh but wouldn’t you know, healthcare.gov will be down for maintenance on Saturday February 15th until Tuesday February 18th.

OK, everyone who still thinks that the federal government knows how to control your health care better than you, please raise your hand.


Colorado Health Exchange Director Indicted For Fraud, Theft, False Claims

Christa McClure, 51 is the director of partner engagement for Connect for Health Colorado, the state program that implements the Affordable Care Act in the state. She is facing an eight-count indictment filed in U.S. District Court in Billings, Mont., in January. The 12-page indictment alleges that while serving as executive director of the federally funded Housing Montana, McClure between 2008 and 2010 paid herself “significant sums” for consulting services although she was already on the payroll as a full-time employee. She also made payments to her family and used federal money for personal travel, the indictment alleges. She also is accused of charging homeowners for a $750 warranty that did not exist, converting a laptop for personal use, inflating the hours she was to be compensated for and writing herself a $21,000 check.

What’s worse? State health care exchange officials said they had thoroughly vetted her.


Oregon Health Exchange Enrolled ZERO

Despite receiving $160 million in taxpayer money, Oregon’s ObamaCare website has yet to properly sign up a single person for health care.

And there could be consequences. An Oregon legislator has gone to the FBI. Top officials have resigned. The state is investigating. And there could be a federal probe as soon as Thursday.

If history is any lesson with this administration, instead of hand-cuffs or a pink slip, there’s probably a promotion coming.

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