Can Hillary Survive Benghazi? Not With This Audio

071512bridge_dngnkUPDATE: New audio of Hillary Clinton below.

According to news reporting for the last week, the big and only question is about Gov. Chris Christie. Can he survive Bridge Gate. The main reason for their concern is that Christie is the only Republican that, according to polls, beats Hillary Clinton in a hypothetical presidential race.

Yesterday and today, the House and Senate Intelligence Committees declassified some of their findings on the massacre at Benghazi and revealed what everyone knew but President Obama, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton, and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice lied about. For weeks. Only now it’s not a right-wing talking point to call them liars. Now, it’s a confirmed fact.

  • The attack was a planned, coordinated terrorist attack.
  • The attack was carried out by alQaeda-afilliated terrorists.
  • It had nothing to do with a video on YouTube.
  • It could have been prevented.
  • Nothing was done to help.
  • Sec. of Defense Panetta, Gen. Carter Ham, and Gen. Dempsey knew from the start what happened, as did President Obama, and did nothing to correct the administration’s spin.

The last bullet point exposes something that isn’t getting any media attention. That this administration has cultivated a climate of loyalty that trumps the truth. Where leaders under the president, Bob Gates included, will allow things of this nature to go on unchallenged. From committing troops in harms way for political instead of national security reasons, and flat-out lying to the American people, shows an unhealthy climate in the administration. Unhealthy for our form of government that depends on our leaders being trusted to tell us the truth. If the American people can’t trust their own government, why should our allies?

In a most amazing audio of then Senator Clinton in 2001 and 2002, in the investigation into the first 9/11 attack, the one in 2001, former Secretary of State Clinton seems to have changed her tune for the second 9/11 attack. Under President Bush, it made a difference. Under President Obama and her as Secretary of State? Not so much. Give a listen.

H/T to Roger Hedgecock for airing this audio on his radio show today.

Because they were an accomplice, the media is maintaining their blackout as the New York Times covers for Mrs. Clinton. They could do something to save themselves from total irrelevancy if they would ask the obvious question. Can Hillary survive Benghazi? All they have to do is their job, and play this audio, and send Hillary to the home for presidential candidate also-rans. Even they can’t change Hillary’s testimony from twelve, thirteen years ago.

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