Today’s Progressives, Pop Quiz

In a way to better understand why we are where we are (going down the tubes) in America today, you need to understand the mindset and philosophy of the people leading the charge. President Obama wasn’t the first “leader” to call for fundamental change.

Here’s a quick quiz.  Below are nine quotes, two each from Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton, and one bonus quote where you name who said it. Hint, the bonus quote belongs to none of the above.

Which quote belongs to who?

  1. “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”
  2. “It is true that liberty is precious; so precious that it must be carefully rationed.”
  3. “Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”
  4. “We don’t let them have ideas. Why would we let them have guns?”
  5. “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”
  6. “I think the trick is figuring out how do we structure government systems that pool resources and hence facilitate some redistribution because I actually believe in redistribution…”
  7. “We are going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”
  8. “I also believe that every new handgun sale or transfer should be registered in a national registry…”
  9. A prospective K-12 teacher needs to ‘be aware of the social and moral universe we inhabit and…be a teacher capable of hope and struggle, outrage and action, teaching for social justice and liberation.”

Answers: (1,2) Vladimir Lenin, (3,4) Joseph Stalin, (5,6) Barack Obama, (7,8) Hillary Clinton, and the bonus quote (9) belongs to William Ayers.

For more quotes from the fab four, follow the In Their Own Words link below.

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