What ‘Circling The Wagons’ Looks Like, CBS Cuts Cruz

The editors at Face The Nation didn’t like the answer Ted Cruz gave to host Bob Scheiffer’s question about his 2016 aspirations. So they didn’t air it.

I mean really. They wouldn’t want to take the wind out of Obama’s sails for his State of the Union show before it even happened, would they?

And on top of that, in keeping the wagons circled around this administration, the show ended with all of them (reputed conservatives included) repeating Obama’s mantra that R’s have no alternative to the ACA. As if President Obama hasn’t been lying about it for years already. Excuse me, IT’S CALLED H.R.2300 for God’s sake and IT’S BEEN OUT THERE IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER FOR FIVE YEARS NOW!

Link: H.R. 2300: Empowering Patients First Act of 2013