Know Your Rights

Below is an informative info graphic graciously lifted from The Blaze. It explains in great detail what your rights are, should you have a police encounter of the first kind. Rule number one, don’t be a jerk. Be polite. With good knowledge of what your rights are, you can be just as professional as the officer, and maybe stay out of jail. He knows what your rights are. You should too.


Islam Now The Religion Of Rape?

According to testimony taken from captured soldiers and captains before they were put to death by rebels, rape has been employed as a common practice by the army, well before Al-Dala’s official religious support was stated.

On Thursday, Sheikh Abd al-Rahman Ali al-Dala, aid to the chief mufti of Syria, who is loyal to President Bashar Assad, gave an interview to Sham FM, a radio station that supports Assad. In the interview, Al-Dala said Syrian army soldiers have permission to “marry” unmarried and married women, sisters and mothers of the rebel fighters, without any official marriage agreement. He clarified that the rape is intended as a punishment for not reporting the rebels to the government forces. In making his statement, the Sheikh placed his religious authority behind the rape of women and girls by soldiers, as part of their fight against the rebels.

Link: Syrian Mufti’s Aide Gives Army Permission to Rape – Middle East – News – Israel National News.

Hell Is Back

Of course, it is safe to say that hell never left. It just held back until, like they were promised, the U.S. forces left Iraq. Now it’s their problem. Enjoy it Iraq.

Al-Qaida gunmen patrol during clashes with Iraqi security forces in Falluja on Sunday,.Islamists exploit weak border to fight in Iraq and Syria

Iraqi air strikes kill 34 as army tries to dislodge al-Qaida militants in city of Ramadi, near Syrian border.

The action came as al-Qaida fighters were also reported to have taken control of Falluja and underlined the fragility of Syria and Iraq’s shared border, which is becoming increasingly exposed as standoffs with Islamist militants in both countries appear to be reaching a defining phase.

This whole Islam reset thing is really working out. For al-Qaida.

Link: Islamists exploit weak border to fight in Iraq and Syria | World news | The Guardian.