Obama, Putting The Cart Before The Horse

My president said Obamacare would be affordable. He put it in its name, The Affordable Care Act. He said my premiums would go down because young people would be chomping at the bit to buy an insurance policy they didn’t know they wanted or needed.

cart-before-the-horseSo if young and healthy people wanted a health insurance policy that bad, why is HHS running ads and hiring sports icons to try to “sell” it? To have to “sell” Americans on this redistribution scheme should tell you that this program wasn’t wanted in the first place. It is true that Democrats wanted government-run health care since John Dingell first tried it in 1943. And it has been rejected by the American people for the last seventy years.

So when one considers the lengths to which Democrats went, under President Obama’s leadership, to get the ACA passed; the bribes, kickbacks, and “deeming” it passed, it’s no wonder that it is turning out the way it is.

Turns out, only 25% of those “sold” are from that targeted demographic. And 80% of all those sold also are getting a subsidy (because they can’t afford it either), paid for by me and you. Nothing of what was promised, and nothing of what was planned, is happening. Should we just pick a good seat on the Titanic or change ships before it’s too late and we have a full-fledged single payer socialized medicine scenario like what other countries, and their citizens, are suffering under?

This is what happens when you try to put the cart in front of the horse. In this case the cart is the President, leading the horse, which is the U.S. Constitution and 300,000,000 Americans.