What’s Next? The Department Of Promise?

While the country is pondering how just about everything that President Obama has told us he was going to do, like, “I will not rest until everyone that wants a job can get a job” and the promises about how wonderful the ACA (Obamacare) will be if we would pass it into law, has not come to fruition. The latest distraction from the lousy economy, no jobs, and a failing Obamacare, is Promise Zones. Like anyone can trust the man who can’t do the right thing to create jobs for everyone can now somehow do something that will turn around local economies on a micro level.

So it occurred to me, what we have in The White House is a Commander In Promise. But that sounds a little, um, insensitive. But, where this guy is concerned, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if he were to come up with a new cabinet department. What better excuse to grow government even further than to have a Department of Promise. Who the Promise Secretary would be is anyone’s guess.

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