3 Christians Executed In Syria For Refusing To Convert

So the war on Christianity continues unabated in Syria. This is the time for President Obama to speak out against it and against the barbaric side of Islam. Beheading Christians for refusing to convert to their animal-Islam.  It’s time to call a spade a spade.     muslim-piece_of_shit

Raiding a convent, kidnapping the Mother Superior and 11 nuns. If they’re still alive, they’re no doubt praying to be with Jesus.

The only thing I can think of that is worse than what these cave men who hide their dirty faces are doing, is the silence from President Obama. Or is it just another one of his Muslim Brotherhood adventures in Syria, as in Egypt, to start something and then stand back and watch?

Link: 3 Christians executed after refusing to convert.

New Leaders Wanted, Ruling Class Shows True Colors

The next time you hear Harry Reid or John Boehner hawk a budget, or any other kind of spending bill like the sequester, where all the spending happens now and the savings happens years in the future, consider that a con job that has run its course.

Speaker of the House John Boehner (R)
Speaker of the House John Boehner (R)

After only one year of the sequester, that was supposed to last 8 years, it has already been raped by the “deal” passed by the House today.

Real fiscal conservatives. No! This has nothing to do with conservatives. This has to do with honesty. From now on, there will be no promises for anything happening in the future in exchange for something else happening now. It’s a lie. The “future” never comes.

There was a bill passed that was called PayGo back in 2010. It was in connection with raising the debt limit back then. Since then, raising the debt limit has become an annual habit of Congress, lacking the courage to control spending and treat a limit like a limit. Hell, they lack the courage to even spend the same amount next year as was spent last year. The PayGo legislation said that any increased spending had to be coupled with an equal amount of cuts somewhere else. PERIOD. That proved to be another lie and hasn’t been followed since the day it was passed. How else can anyone explain a $17 Trillion debt, heading to over 20 in a few years.

The budget hoopla in Congress today proves the point. No leader of either party in either branch has what it takes to tackle the real economic problems this country faces. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. And the House, under John Boehner, is supposed to control the purse of the government. He’s failing at his job. Spare me the incredulity and attacks on conservatives Mr. Speaker. You’re not the one to lecture anyone about credibility.

For 2014, we need new leaders.