Egypt Outlaws Muslim Brotherhood, Seizes Assets

Officially labeling the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, the Egyptian government moved to seize the ‘Hood’s accounts and assets. And called upon other countries in the Middle East to do the same.

Should come as no surprise except to the Islamist deniers in the administration who told us that the Muslim Brotherhood was a peaceful, secular organization. But that’s old news.

The effects of taking a bold step against the terrorist organization, aside from fighting back at them in hopes of keeping the peace domestically, is the deleterious effect it will have on Hamas. Their subsidiary in the Gaza Strip that terrorizes Israel and calls for their destruction.

Can’t wait to hear what Secretary of State John Kerry, the President’s mouthpiece, has to say about this and whose side he will come down on. Egypt has already decided.

Turkey, just to make it interesting, is sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood. As is a guy named Fethullah Gulen. A self-exiled (was actually fleeing charges of plotting to overthrow the government in Turkey) 70-year-old Imam, who commands a global empire of media outlets, private schools and charities. Gulen directs his Islamic “school” and “charity” operation from his 25 acre Saylorsburg, Pa. estate in the Poconos. Comparisons between him  and George Soros have been made as both men are very wealthy, and both use their money to advance agendas. Both to change America as it exits today.

Will the United States add the Muslim Brotherhood to their list of terrorist organizations and seize their assets? President Obama has some ‘splain’n to do.

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