Drug Cartels Overrun Mexico’s Government, Economy

Mexico’s “war on drugs” isn’t working. The drug cartels not only are exporting more drugs, but are branching out to include minerals like oil and iron ore. What?

In 2008, Lazaro Cardenas handled only 1.5 percent of Mexico’s iron ore exports to China; by mid-2013, the seaport was shipping out nearly half.

Isn’t it time to re-think this whole war on drugs thing? Lifting the prohibition on marijuana, the single largest moneymaker for the cartels, would be the single biggest blow to the cartels than anything the corrupt Mexican government can do on its own. Mexico clearly has lost control of their government and economy. Decriminalizing marijuana would do a few desirable things. Make our own streets safer, relieve the burdens put on law enforcement, the court and correctional systems, and end the growing “spice” (artificial marijuana) industry.

Link: Mexican Drug Cartels Now Make Money Exporting Ore  |  Hit Mexico’s Cartels With Legalization

Obama’s Heckler, Ju Hong, A Prop-ed Plant

Ju Hong being arrested at the July 12 rally in San Bernadino. Photos: William Perez

No appearance President Obama makes is random or unscripted. Including this heckler , Ju Hong, who interrupted his speech on immigration in San Francisco on Monday. Hong shouted out because his family has been torn apart by U.S. immigration policy — and the administration has done nothing to help them. Don’t think for a second that the Secret Service did not know this guy’s “history of civil disobedience.”

The event fulfilled two goals. It set himself up as the bystander, void of responsibility, fighting for this, that, or the other. On this day it was amnesty, AKA comprehensive immigration reform. And a distraction from the Titanic-like Affordable Health Care act.

PRESBO sees his support, popularity, and TRUST going South in the polls because of Obamacare, because Americans are finally seeing him for the fraud that he is. What we’re seeing here is his publicist’s (Valerie Jarrett) attempt at stopping the bleeding in the best possible light.

The simple solution to the planted heckler keeping his family together is this. Keep your undocumented family together and take them with you back to South Korea. You could do well for yourself and them there with your U.S. taxpayer-paid college degree.

Link: Obama heckler has history of civil disobedience

Drive-By Amish Buggy Shooting

In light of the Knockout Game incidents, you wonder how the hell could it get any worse. Then comes this. A horse pulling an Amish buggy was killed Sunday 11/24/2013, in a drive-by shooting in East Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The family (a married couple and their children, aged 12, 9, and 7) inside the buggy told police that they heard “a loud noise, described as sounding like a firecracker” as the car passed by.

Upon returning to their farm–which is about a mile from the shooting scene–the family discovered the horse was bleeding from its mouth. After removing a harness, family members spotted a bullet hole in the chest of the animal, who died before a veterinarian could arrive at the farm.

Police Lieutenant Robin Weaver told TSG that a veterinarian will attempt to extract the bullet from the horse so that investigators can develop ballistics evidence. Weaver added that, if identified, the unknown assailant could face weapons, reckless endangerment, or even hate crime charges.

Link: Cops: Horse Killed In Drive-By Amish Buggy ShootingUPDATE: Help from public wanted in drive-by horse shooting  |  Investigation continuing in shooting death of horse pulling buggy

Obama: Nuclear deal blocks Iran’s path to bomb. REALLY?

That “the deal” is a first step to blocking Iran’s path to the bomb, is like the Affordable Care Act is the first step to affordable and better health care to Americans. Who believes Obama any more?

Then there is the throwing of American Pastor Saeed Abedini under the bus. A U.S. citizen imprisoned by Iran because of his faith, by reaching a deal with Iran that  eases sanctions and provides “humanitarian relief” while Abedini stays in an Iranian prison.

And to say that this is the first step is to ignore the years, decades, of sanctions against Iran that have failed miserably to do what they were supposed to do. Now we’re saying OK, never mind. Let’s come up with another shell game to not make us look like complete idiots and you can go on with your nuclear ambitions.

irannukedeal.govThis doesn’t end anything in Iran. Making concessions to Iran’s ending their nuclear enrichment and nuclear bomb ambitions is like playing Russian Roulette with a fully-loaded revolver.

Only difference is the gun isn’t pointed at Obama’s head. It’s pointed at Israel, our troops within range in the region, and our other so-called allies in the Middle East by conventional means. Then through Iran’s terrorist ties to Main Street USA by non-conventional means.

Iran isn’t as big a threat to the United States and the world as President Obama is with his dangerous and naive foreign policy.

Links: Obama: Nuclear deal blocks Iran’s path to bomb  |  Obama Administration Betrays American Pastor

“Nigglets” Gone Wild

No civilized person can look at this “game” going on around the country and not be repulsed at the inhumanity perpetrated on non-suspecting innocent victims. It’s called the “knockout game.” The dirty little secret is it seems to be perpetrated by Blacks on Whites. One victim exception I found in videos is an attack on a 70-year-old homeless Black man.

There’s no room for PC on this subject. The crimes perpetrated by these niggers1, and that’s exactly what they are, deserve the full attention of the media and people like Jesse Sharpton, and no less, President Obama himself. Quick to jump into things like Trayvon Martin and the Cambridge MA police, President Obama has been silent on this criminal behavior being carried out by young Blacks (whose unemployment rate is 50%). This game has gone on for five years according to news reports (since around the time of his inauguration) and no one in the country could have more sway on this than the self-proclaimed uniter and post-racial President himself. So where is he?

The language and scenes in this video are not for the mentally weak, or children. It is replete with F-bombs and the N-word the word nigger.


I like his “solution” from the standpoint of a potential victim. Now I’m not advocating shooting a group of Black people because they’re a group and they’re Black, like TJS suggests in a dramatic way. I think that’s just for shock value. He eventually comes down to if you’re a victim, shoot the perp. You gotta believe that anyone who would be attacked like that is justified in making that perp DRT. Dead Right There! The victim has no time to ponder whether that punch will be fatal, or whether the others will take a shot at you too. If you have the power to stop it, for good, then do. Don’t ‘play’ their game and they’ll start thinking of a more civilized way to get their kicks, while they’re still alive.


1Before you get wrapped around the axle on the term nigger, you must know that it means different things to different people. What it means to me, and Tommy Sotomayor, is, it describes a behavior of a person. It’s more a term, than a word. Which is also to say that niggers come in all colors. The term is not exclusive to Black people. There are White niggers too. That they exist is undeniable. It’s not limited to physical violence either. It also includes stealing, blatant or covert, and your basic vandalism ‘for kicks.’ A person that does that to other people is, imho, a nigger. So get over it.

Venezuelan President Nicola Maduro Seizes Stores Ahead Of Elections

Venezuelan President Nicola Maduro is at least more honest with his corruption than President Obama is in cultivating a low-information voter base. Maduro is flat-out taking over private businesses and demanding they sell their merchandise at levels that will put them out of business.

Where health insurance companies in the United States go, Obama is more subtle and devious about it. He passes laws then selectively enforces them to disguise his spread-the-wealth agenda in order to get elected and keep his political party in power.

Link: Venezuela seizes more stores ahead of local elections

Obamacare Highlights And Racketeering

Through congressional hearings and testimony from HHS Secretary Sebelius and Deputy Chief Information Officer Henry Chao, the head IT guy responsible for the website development from front to back, here’s where we are. Now, keep in mind all the promises made by the President and Sebelius of how the website is ready to go live on October 1st.

The website crashes continually. You can’t shop plans. You can’t even buy plans. The great majority of people who were successful in getting through found themselves qualified for Medicaid, joined it, and so are not contributing a dime to lowering the cost. Instead, are contributing to raising cost and increasing the debt.

When questioned about what the administration’s plans are to increase the participation of the young and healthy, the target group that is supposed to be footing the bill to lower cost, Secretary Sebelius said there are marketing plans to handle that. Turns out, it is a marketing campaign promoting promiscuous behavior and binge drinking. I doubt the millennials are so gullible as to identify with such a despicable government-sponsored marketing campaign. No doubt they are as offended by it as anyone else would be to learn what their government thinks of them.

Through congressional testimony today, Nov. 19, 2013, we learn that the website, healthcare.gov, is not finished being built yet, to the tune of between 30 and 70 percent. The back office part of the website that pays insurance companies hasn’t been built yet. This, for a program that is to start paying insurance carriers on January 1, 2014. At the same time, and no doubt related to the payment system not built yet, we learn that Obama has met with insurance companies and is telling them that the government (you and I) will reimburse them for any loss in profits they may incur as a result their mandated participation in Obamacare. Recall that President Obama is the guy that told the American people that he would not sign the bill (ACA) if it added one dime to the national debt. What’s worse, this isn’t even a “bailout” as we’ve been accustomed to. This is an ongoing taxpayer obligation to bail out Obamacare for the next three years. And after that?

From beginning to end, what has been perpetrated on the American people is worse than fraud. This whole Obamacare effort makes Ken Lay (Enron) and Bernie Madoff look like pikers. This is racketeering and robbery (of taxpayers) on the national level. And finally, public opinion is catching on that Barack Obama isn’t trustworthy. Sorry it took them five years to figure him out because it cost families and our economy dearly.

Somebody, I guess it’ll have to be Congress, has to perp walk Obama right out of The White House. But I’ll settle for the full repeal of Obamacare and begin debate on H.R. 2300, the Empowering Patients First Act of 2013. This is the free-market alternative to government-controlled health care and government-controlled health insurance.

Obamacare “Success” Story

It’s a short story. This isn’t exactly what I call health care reform, or a success.

Turns out, I can keep my existing group health insurance plan with United Healthcare. That’s the good news. And that’s only because King President Obama waived the (settled law) employer mandate until after the 2014 election. The bad news is, my premium doubles, and my deductible goes from $3,000 to $12,000 a year. For all practical purposes, I’m self-insured. This is what spreading the wealth around looks like. And, it’s only the beginning. The other shoe drops when the employer mandate finally goes into effect and 150 million more policies get cancelled.

Still waiting for Obamacare to tell me what kind of coverage I can get. It’s been over two weeks now since they told me they would send policy coverages to me in the mail. Snail mail.

You’re welcome to share your success story via comment.

Obama Shifts Blame From Himself To Insurance Companies

In response to everyone’s dissatisfaction with Obama’s lying about ‘you can keep your plan and your doctor, period,’ and in the wake of over five million obama_on_aca-trustpolicies being cancelled, affecting three times that many people, Obama’s humbling and gratuitous speech on Thursday was pure political hokus pokus. And more FUD factor.

Constitutional authority aside (everyone knows he doesn’t respect that), King President Obama declared that he now wants insurance companies to let people get the plans that they like back, he didn’t say at the same price. He didn’t change the law. All he is doing is he’s choosing not to enforce the Affordable Care Act, aka “settled law,” for a year. See, it’s only settled law when he wants it to be settled law.

He did this on Thursday in an attempt to stifle the House from passing the H.R. 3350: Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013. A bill that he promised to veto and ultimately passed the House Friday by 61% with bipartisan support. (R’s 222, D’s 39) That bill does change the law, and does allow insurance companies not only to offer policies that people may want, but it also allows new purchasers to buy plans that they want too, without all the ACA mandates.

Since Obama did not change the law, the policies are still illegal under the ACA. It’s unrealistic to expect that insurance companies will start selling illegal policies when they are given zero immunity from Obama should they end up in court in a dispute over an illegal policy. And since Obama’s idea is to postpone this enforcement for a year, there’s no reason to assume that the premiums will be the same as before the ACA went into effect either.

So what happens when the insurance companies don’t bow to the King and reinstate illegal policies? He can, and will, say how the insurance companies are just greedy, bla bla bla, and take the focus of blame off of himself and the ACA and shift it to “those evil insurance companies.”

Why does President Obama say he’ll veto the Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013? The President says that Obamacare introduces competition which will bring down cost. The true part is that competition brings down cost. The lie part is that Obamacare is competition. By vetoing this bill, Obama is eliminating competition by preventing insurance companies to offer plans of their own that people want that are not burdened with government mandates, ie. “inferior policies.” And he can’t let the free market work if Obamacare is to succeed. To put it another way, unless the insurance industry is neutered or just goes out of business, he won’t be able to fundamentally change the country to a nationalized health care model.