Obama Secretly Eased Sanctions On Iran

You can’t keep your health care plan. But Iran can keep their nuclear weapons plan.

For years, decades, Iran has been under increasing sanctions for the purpose of what? Discouraging them from developing nuclear weapons. The kind of nuclear enrichment they continue to do has nothing to do with producing electrical power or anything in the field of medicine.

So easing sanctions on Iran’s financing, without them first dismantling something of their nuclear capacity does what? It enables Iran to continue to develop their nuclear program.

So not only does our president negatively impact Americans with a sluggish economy and an unaffordable takeover of the health insurance and health care industries. Now he’s going all out and endangering the world, the Middle East, and our ally there, Israel, by easing sanctions on Iran without any concessions from them. Did I say he secretly lifted sanctions?

So basically it’s like this. Iran can keep their nuclear weapons program, but you can’t keep your health insurance policy or your doctor, or both.

The boy is dangerous to everyone, everywhere around the world. And yes, I’m calling Obama a boy because his judgement isn’t any better than a 9 year old. And his lies are monumental.

Link: Obama’s Secret Iran Détente