“Nigglets” Gone Wild

No civilized person can look at this “game” going on around the country and not be repulsed at the inhumanity perpetrated on non-suspecting innocent victims. It’s called the “knockout game.” The dirty little secret is it seems to be perpetrated by Blacks on Whites. One victim exception I found in videos is an attack on a 70-year-old homeless Black man.

There’s no room for PC on this subject. The crimes perpetrated by these niggers1, and that’s exactly what they are, deserve the full attention of the media and people like Jesse Sharpton, and no less, President Obama himself. Quick to jump into things like Trayvon Martin and the Cambridge MA police, President Obama has been silent on this criminal behavior being carried out by young Blacks (whose unemployment rate is 50%). This game has gone on for five years according to news reports (since around the time of his inauguration) and no one in the country could have more sway on this than the self-proclaimed uniter and post-racial President himself. So where is he?

The language and scenes in this video are not for the mentally weak, or children. It is replete with F-bombs and the N-word the word nigger.

I like his “solution” from the standpoint of a potential victim. Now I’m not advocating shooting a group of Black people because they’re a group and they’re Black, like TJS suggests in a dramatic way. I think that’s just for shock value. He eventually comes down to if you’re a victim, shoot the perp. You gotta believe that anyone who would be attacked like that is justified in making that perp DRT. Dead Right There! The victim has no time to ponder whether that punch will be fatal, or whether the others will take a shot at you too. If you have the power to stop it, for good, then do. Don’t ‘play’ their game and they’ll start thinking of a more civilized way to get their kicks, while they’re still alive.


1Before you get wrapped around the axle on the term nigger, you must know that it means different things to different people. What it means to me, and Tommy Sotomayor, is, it describes a behavior of a person. It’s more a term, than a word. Which is also to say that niggers come in all colors. The term is not exclusive to Black people. There are White niggers too. That they exist is undeniable. It’s not limited to physical violence either. It also includes stealing, blatant or covert, and your basic vandalism ‘for kicks.’ A person that does that to other people is, imho, a nigger. So get over it.