Drug Cartels Overrun Mexico’s Government, Economy

Mexico’s “war on drugs” isn’t working. The drug cartels not only are exporting more drugs, but are branching out to include minerals like oil and iron ore. What?

In 2008, Lazaro Cardenas handled only 1.5 percent of Mexico’s iron ore exports to China; by mid-2013, the seaport was shipping out nearly half.

Isn’t it time to re-think this whole war on drugs thing? Lifting the prohibition on marijuana, the single largest moneymaker for the cartels, would be the single biggest blow to the cartels than anything the corrupt Mexican government can do on its own. Mexico clearly has lost control of their government and economy. Decriminalizing marijuana would do a few desirable things. Make our own streets safer, relieve the burdens put on law enforcement, the court and correctional systems, and end the growing “spice” (artificial marijuana) industry.

Link: Mexican Drug Cartels Now Make Money Exporting Ore  |  Hit Mexico’s Cartels With Legalization