2014 Mummers Parade Online

2014 Mummers Parade update from Kristen Hatfield at PHL17

We will be streaming the parade live on our website around 9am on New Year’s Day. It will air locally on PHL17, but we will also have videos of the performances on our website following the parade.


Kristen Hatfield
PHL17 Creative Services Coordinator
5001 Wynnefield Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19131

UPDATE: 12/25/2013:

Here are the String Band and Fancy Brigade themes for the 2014 SugarHouse Casino Mummers Parade.  You can get more details and updates about the Parade on Steve Highsmith’s Blog.  The live stream of the parade will be available via this link on January 1st at 10am EST.

The String Bands

1. Woodland – “Legend of the Lamp”

2. Fralinger – “The Circus Comes to Clown”

3. Polish American -”It’s SNOW-Time”

4. Avalon – “The Fields Are Alive!”

5. Ferko – “FERKO is TOY-rific”

6. Uptown – “The Pillage People”

7. Original Trilby – “All For Mum And Mum For All”

8. South Philadelphia – “Invasion of Piracy”

9. Greater Overbrook –  “Show Boatin on Broad Street”

10. Aqua – “Aqua Shoots for the Stars”

11. Hegeman – “Hegeman’s Household Havoc”

12. Quaker City  -”California here we MUM”

13. Pennsport – “A Carnival in Venice”

14. Broomall – “Camping is in Tents”

15. Durning – “Wet Side Story”

16. Greater Kensington -”Proud to be A ‘Mum’-Merican”

17. Duffy – “No Strings Attached”

The Fancy Brigades

1. Spartans – “One Nation, Valley of the Drums”

2. Satin Slipper – “Adventure of Enchantment”

3. Golden Crown – “The Legend of Angkor Wat”

4. Saturnalian  – “Twisted Treats and Sinister Sweets”

5. Downtowners – “Beyond Wonderland: A Mad Hatters World”

6. Clevemore – “Oz”

7. S.P.Vikings – “The City of Steam”

8. B. M’s Shooting Stars – “Atlantis Guardians of the Deep”

9. Jokers – “Dead Men Tell No Tales-A Journey Into Blackbeard’s Realm”

10. Avenuers – “Polynesian Adventure”

11. Second Street Shooters – “The Dead Will Rise”


Read more: http://phl17.com/2013/12/20/2014-mummers-parade-band-themes/#ixzz2oUn04IiS