Police On “Wild Ass Chase,” What?

Don’t they believe in probable cause in New Mexico? Do they have their own local version of the 4th Amendment? How “clenching” your butt lead to twelve hours of torture and humiliation is beyond belief. Maybe he felt he needed to protect himself from the cop’s “nightstick” and “tighten up?” Whatever it was, I hope this guy sues everyone involved, wins, and doesn’t have to work another day if he doesn’t want to.

Follow the link to the timeline. X-rays didn’t even stop them.

Link: ‘You Could Never Anticipate This Happening in the United States of America’ | Video | TheBlaze.com.

How McAuliff Won Virginia

How did McAuliff win, steal, Virginia? You do what Democrats do. In a tight race, you enlist the help, or invent the help, of a third party to siphon off the votes of your opponent. It’s dirty pool, but this is exactly what happened in Virginia. The Democrats/media (and establishment Republicans) spin of the aftermath will undoubtedly be how the Tea Party (which isn’t a party but ordinary Americans) has lost its power because they supported Cuccinelli. The media isn’t calling it a landslide. Not only because it was so close, but because more people voted against McAuliff than voted for him. Much to their (and establishment Republicans), the Tea Party is alive and well.

The RNC didn’t help Cuccinelli. They spent as much on him as the SEIU alone spent on McAuliff, and only one third as much as they spent in the last gubernatorial race in Virginia. And only because the tea party supported him.

Were it not for big Obama bundler Joe Liemandt and his “Libertarian Booster PAC”, the “libertarian” candidate (who isn’t a libertarian) would not have gotten on the ballot. And the 7% of the votes he siphoned off of Cuccinelli gave McAuliff his 3% win. Reported robo calls into conservative districts telling voters that Cuccinelli supported Obamacare and abortion on demand, which smells of the SEIU, just added to the dirty tricks that Republicans have to learn how to overcome.The politics of fair play just don’t work any more.

Establishment republicans need to find their spine and quit trying to be Democrat-Lite. Republicans also better soon embrace their core, as in Tea Party, principles if they really want to avoid the debt iceberg and turn this ship, America, around. Something they appear to have no interest in doing.

Revealed: Obama Campaign Bundler Helping Fund Libertarian in Tight Va. Gubernatorial Race | TheBlaze.com.