Obama Shifts Blame From Himself To Insurance Companies

In response to everyone’s dissatisfaction with Obama’s lying about ‘you can keep your plan and your doctor, period,’ and in the wake of over five million obama_on_aca-trustpolicies being cancelled, affecting three times that many people, Obama’s humbling and gratuitous speech on Thursday was pure political hokus pokus. And more FUD factor.

Constitutional authority aside (everyone knows he doesn’t respect that), King President Obama declared that he now wants insurance companies to let people get the plans that they like back, he didn’t say at the same price. He didn’t change the law. All he is doing is he’s choosing not to enforce the Affordable Care Act, aka “settled law,” for a year. See, it’s only settled law when he wants it to be settled law.

He did this on Thursday in an attempt to stifle the House from passing the H.R. 3350: Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013. A bill that he promised to veto and ultimately passed the House Friday by 61% with bipartisan support. (R’s 222, D’s 39) That bill does change the law, and does allow insurance companies not only to offer policies that people may want, but it also allows new purchasers to buy plans that they want too, without all the ACA mandates.

Since Obama did not change the law, the policies are still illegal under the ACA. It’s unrealistic to expect that insurance companies will start selling illegal policies when they are given zero immunity from Obama should they end up in court in a dispute over an illegal policy. And since Obama’s idea is to postpone this enforcement for a year, there’s no reason to assume that the premiums will be the same as before the ACA went into effect either.

So what happens when the insurance companies don’t bow to the King and reinstate illegal policies? He can, and will, say how the insurance companies are just greedy, bla bla bla, and take the focus of blame off of himself and the ACA and shift it to “those evil insurance companies.”

Why does President Obama say he’ll veto the Keep Your Health Plan Act of 2013? The President says that Obamacare introduces competition which will bring down cost. The true part is that competition brings down cost. The lie part is that Obamacare is competition. By vetoing this bill, Obama is eliminating competition by preventing insurance companies to offer plans of their own that people want that are not burdened with government mandates, ie. “inferior policies.” And he can’t let the free market work if Obamacare is to succeed. To put it another way, unless the insurance industry is neutered or just goes out of business, he won’t be able to fundamentally change the country to a nationalized health care model.

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