Fed, Still Twerking Money And Debt

So this is good news? Federal Reserve, trying real hard to keep Obama’s fake economic recovery going, agreed to continue to print money and monetize the debt by  $75 Billion a month instead of $85 Billion a month.

How about we stop pussy footing around and let the economy and the markets fix themselves? Aside from the FED’s artificial resuscitation on the monetary side, we have the economic train wreck of this administration’s ideas of economics which is nothing short of the fascist economic model. Both need to stop before we see any improvement on Main Street.

Unfortunately, it’s going to take the next two elections to start.

Link: Fed hawks back taper decision, one urges bolder action

Media Matters, Duck Pushback A Conspiracy?

In just a matter of a few days, we’ve seen GLAAD, the activist gay rights folks, manage to get Phil Robertson “The Duck Commander” and family head of the most popular TV reality show, publicly (figuratively) crucified for a lie they started and the sympathetic media repeated. His thoughts and belief of what is a sin was a little more reality than they could collectively swallow.mediamattersradiologo

Then Cracker Barrel, also owned by A&E, announced that it was pulling all the Duck Dynasty merchandise that had the likeness of Phil on it, off of their shelves. Two days later, Cracker Barrel did a 180.

“Our intent was to avoid offending, but that’s just what we’ve done,” the company announced. “Today, we are putting all our Duck Dynasty products back in our stores.”

Seems you, with the help of the same social media that was used to start the controversy, ended it. At least as far as Cracker Barrel goes. Whether A&E will do the same to, or for, Phil remains to be seen.

But that’s not the story. The lie that the wacko Left at Media Matters is perpetuating from GLAAD is that Phil equated homosexuals to bestiality. Which he did not.

The folks at Soros-financed Media Matters, (Jeremy Holder and Jess Levin) live in their alternate reality which is so perverted that they came up with a conspiracy to support it. On their radio show, the kids at Media Matters said that the pushback was part of a conspiracy to silence the activists like GLAAD and anyone else that conservatives, republicans, tea partiers don’t like. Raise your hand if you’ve heard of this super secret plan.

They’re pretty creative. They have no boundaries when it comes to fabricating whatever “facts” they need to make a point. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do to make the lie seem more credible. So this is what they’re pushing. The pushback from millions of Americans had absolutely nothing to do with twisting Phils words and for being fired for truthfully answering what a sin is to him. Beliefs he holds in common with the vast majority of Americans. No. Their story is that Phil was spewing hate by vile comments towards the gay community, and they’re sticking to it.