Buck The Establishment, Send RINOs To Pasture

It is not often that I’ll repost a contribution request. If your inbox is anything like mine, you see enough of them already. But this is fundamental in taking back our government from those who fail to support First Principles. For the establishment Republicans to deny first principles, and to deny the reason for the broad 2010 electoral victory, is to succumb to the liberal idea of bigger government all the way around. And doing that is not going to turn this ship around.

Not sticking to principles is the fork in the road for the Republican fundraising apparatus. Ditto for the RNCC & RNSC. There’s no future in the Republican party becoming Democrat-Lite. Not for the country or the party. It is why I don’t trust the RNC, RNCC, and RNSC to spend my contribution on candidates I support. And, why I’m passing along this appeal to you, the grass-roots.

The battle starts in Virginia. Send the message to the establishment Republicans that diversity includes everyone. Support Ken Cuccinelli and E.W. Jackson directly.

Dear Patriot,

You would think that all the D.C. RINOs who love to scream about “diversity” would support a Harvard-educated black conservative man.

Well, you would be wrong.

Black conservative E.W. Jackson stepped forward and is running for Lt. Governor with superstar Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia.

But the Republican political establishment is already trying to drive him out of the race!

Please make a special generous contribution of $25, $30, $50, $100, $250 or more to defend E.W. Jackson and help him get elected.

Jackson is running arm in arm on “the Tea Party ticket” with Ken Cuccinelli. This is the most important race in the nation this year.

Cuccinelli and Jackson MUST win.

But establishment Republicans have thrown their lot in with liberal Democrats and are savaging this good man.

Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, a so-called “Republican,” says Jackson’s opposition to Planned Parenthood is “not appropriate” and “indefensible.”

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele blasted Jackson for being too conservative, proclaiming that this former Marine and Harvard Law graduate will lose the election for Republicans.

And then there are the consultants who are attacking this good man at every turn.

They want Jackson to withdraw from the race!!!

It’s unbelievable.

That’s why grassroots conservatives across America must stand by E.W. Jackson.

If the RINOs can destroy Jackson, then no black conservative will ever want to run for office again.

Please donate what you can.

E.W. Jackson is running a true grassroots campaign. He’s recruiting new people into the GOP every single hour.

But he can’t win this battle without the funds necessary to fight off the attacks coming at him from all sides.

Obama and his leftist henchmen will trash Jackson if we let them.

And then there are the RINOs who would rather lose than see another Tea Party black conservative rise to prominence.

E.W. Jackson is in a very, very tough fight. Frankly, the odds are now against him.

That’s why BAMPAC is going “all in” for this man. We are going to run ads, recruit volunteers, pay for phone banks and do whatever we can to defend Jackson and get him elected.

How great would it be to have a black conservative lieutenant governor presiding in the “Old Dominion?”

How incredible would it be for a black Tea Party superstar to show up Barack Obama and the RINO “good ol’ boy” network in the former “Capital of the Confederacy?”

That’s why we must get to work. Please make the best contribution you can.

E.W. Jackson needs our help.


Alvin Williams
President and CEO

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