Florida House District 2, Sample Ballot

According to Supervisor of Elections David Stafford, election day for the Special General Election for State House District 2 is Tuesday June 11, 2013. Early voting is from Saturday June 1 through Saturday June 8.

There are three locations for early voting:

  • Supervisor of Elections main office, 213 Palafox Place, 2nd Floor
  • Tryon Branch Library, 1200 Langley Avenue
  • Southwest Branch Library, 12248 Gulf Beach Highway

There are two versions of the ballot. One for City residents, and one for Dist 2 residents outside of the city of Pensacola. The only difference between them is that the City ballot has a referendum in it to choose whether to downsize the City Council from 9 to 7 members by the elimination of 2 At-Large seats.

Sample Ballot for Florida District 2 residents, within City of Pensacola.

Sample Ballot for Florida District 2 residents, not in the City of Pensacola

The Lunch Counter endorses Mike Hill. What I know about Mike is 1) he’s not a politician, 2) he believes in First Principles, including the Constitution, 3) he’s no quitter, and 4) you can trust him to stay that way.

Lend your support to Mike HERE.

Vote to downsize the City Council. 7 is too many, but at least it is going in the right direction. The fewer the better.

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3 thoughts on “Florida House District 2, Sample Ballot”

  1. Yes Jeremy is pro-union. In our area Unions do represent very few workers. The reason for that is government in Florida has historically been against unions and rights for workers. I understand that you own a food service business. I have too am in food service. I know that our industry consist mostly of low wage and no benefit jobs. I know from being involved in politics and food service management, in our area,our industry opposes any real economic development. They do not want to compete for workers, they do not want to have to offer competitive wages or benefits. We can develop real jobs, or we can keep celebrating $9 call center jobs. We can ask industries and businesses to compensate their employees fairly or we can ask tax payers to subsidize employers profits.
    Yes Education will suffer from teachers making a good livable wage, what do they really expect to get from a 4 year degree, an 8 hour day at school and all those hours at home planning and grading papers. If they didn’t have to spend 10 to 15% of their own income supplementing school supplies, wouldn’t they just lose their sense of ownership and investment in our kids education.
    Unions are horrible. How do people expect to come together to try and protect and advance each other. Working to get better wages and benefits for people. I mean come on you worked here for 20 years be happy you get paid at all. How can you ask us not to fire you when you are sick. How dare you make us pay for injuries you get working for our profit, how dare you want to work only 40 hours a week and expect more when we make you work longer. How dare you organize to make us treat you “fairly”. Don’t you believe us when we say we will do what is in your best interest.

    1. I think you have it backwards Ray. Because everyone, including the foodservice industry, benefits from economic development. And that includes the people who work in it. Business owners/operators compete for employees every time a new hire is needed. It’s called the free-market. Jobs in the food industry are not high-paying. You’ll pay what you have to pay to get the kind of employee you want. There are exceptions. Some make pretty good money, more than the manager, when tips are factored in. And there are other exceptions, like some chefs get paid pretty well. Why? Because from an owners perspective, they have to be well paid if he is going to be competitive for the talent he is paying for.

      The reality is, there are entry level jobs in every industry. And not all entry level jobs are jobs you can live on, and are not meant to be jobs you can live on. Not because the employer is mean and greedy, but because every job has a value, and every employee decides if it is the value he/she is looking for. They can make more money if they are, by their knowledge or talent, worth more to the employer.

      The current lousy economic picture is the product of mis-management from Washington in terms of stifling taxes and regulations. The answer to more and better paying jobs isn’t to raise the minimum wage, but to unleash the economy, replace the tax code to the FairTax, and job creation will happen.

      And no, you can’t ask employers to pay more, and you can’t ask government to subsidize business. You have no constitutional authority to do that. That is antithetical to a free-market economy, and, the reason the economy is stagnant. Businesses will rise and fall on their own. No bailouts. There’s no such thing as too big to fail. It’s more like too big to save. The too big to fail scenario is the tune the ‘spread the wealth’ crowd subscribes to. Think about it. If a business is failing. Why keep it going with your money? If it failed, if failed. And if economically feasable, someone else will take over, employing people. That’s how it works in a free-market economy. But, the Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt being spread by Washington through its policies, including Obamacare, has economic development on pause. Record long-term unemployment, debt, and people dependent on the government is the only product coming from Washington. Over three quarters of all jobs created in the last 12 months were part-time. People have to have more than one job to get by. The worker participation rate is the lowest in 50 years.

      You are mistaken to think that teachers pay has anything to do with your kid’s education. Where educating our kids are concerned, it is them, not the teachers, that should be the focus. That’s why school choice seems to be not only what parents prefer, but what serves the kids best. Teachers, like anyone else, can make what they wish if they are willing to move to a higher-paying district or go to another school where they can make more money. And maybe not join a union. Most teachers, however, aren’t in it for the money. Unions would like it to be that way. Then again, Unions aren’t in it for the kids either. They don’t pay union dues.

      The rest of your ranting about how great unions are (I get the sarcasm) is very out-dated. Fact is, unions are the cause of their own demise. The reason union membership has steadily declined, especially in the private sector, is because employers have learned the lesson of treating their people well, paying them well, and offering whatever benefits they can in order to keep them and, to keep them happy. Retaining employees is the investment made. Because of that, they no longer need a labor union.

      Not only have unions out-lived their usefulness, but they are the reason cities around the country are going into bankruptcy. The public sector unions have, like the parasites that they are, killed their host.

      You can thank Obama though for lower wages and a shorter work week. His idea of “recovery.” He’s a big union guy, when he’s looking for campaign cash. Question is, when will Unions learn that they’re no longer needed or relevant? IMHO, they’re the “blacksmith” of the 21st century. It’s time they go and get a real job, instead of living off the backs of their hard-working members.

  2. ” Do you want someone who will go to Tallahassee to stand up for the working people?” said Raymond Guillory on Mike Hill’s facebook page. NO Raymond, I want someone who will go to Tallahassee to stand up for ALL people. Someone who will legislate to create more jobs so more people may work. And that man is Mike Hill. The Democrat candidate Lau, is the labor union’s choice. That should tell you who he’s looking out for. He’s looking out for unions, a small percentage of “working people,” and will vote for legislation designed to increase union membership, not more jobs. He’ll vote for legislation that will buttress union’s underfunded pensions. He’ll vote for legislation that is bad for your children’s education, but good for the teachers union. And that’s not good for ALL the people.

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