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Mexico, Central America’s Banana Republic

Gary and Yanira Maldonado, who live near Phoenix, Ariz., traveled to Mexico last week to attend a family funeral. On their way back to the U.S. their bus was stopped at a military checkpoint where soldiers ordered all passengers off the bus.

Later soldiers told the couple that marijuana was found under her seat and the seat next to hers…and Yanira was arrested, KPHO-TV said.american_is_mexican_hostage

Yanira’s brother, Brandon Klippel, said the couple were the only U.S. citizens on the bus – and if drugs were truly found on board, they were already there when the couple sat down, KPHO-TV reported.

“His attorney had talked to the prosecuting attorney there and came back to him and said, ‘You know how it works in Mexico, right?’” Klippel told CBS5 News. “He said, ‘no I don’t.’ He [attorney] said, ‘well, if we bribe the judge – then he’ll let you go.’”

Here’s an idea. Stay out of Mexico, under any circumstances. Don’t vacation there. Let the corrupt politicians and drug lords die by their own sword. Their problem is not our problem to fix. With any luck, more Mexicans here illegally will return home and face that reality and take their country back. Instead of trying to take this one.

Why do we have a President and Secretary of State anyway? I think that they are supposed to protect us and our interests? Since the ones who are supposed to intervene seem to be UN-involved yet again, maybe we should ask Dennis Rodman to intervene?


 Southern Justice Cost Woman Her Life, Over A Parking Ticket

st_claire_courthouseIn a suburban Birmingham, Alabama courtroom, Dwana Vonica London-Richardson, age 45, died on the courtroom floor struggling to breathe, after being arrested and jailed over an unpaid parking traffic violation. That, after being refused medical treatment, an asthma inhaler, in the courtroom. Despite pleas for help from her daughter.

Ayunna Johnae London, the daughter of the deceased victim, claims her mother died gasping for breath in the court after being treated callously and unconstitutionally. Her mother suffered from asthma and other health conditions yet the jail administration refused to get her medication, saying she was faking it, and then they let her die in the courtroom, according to Ayunna.


Out Of The Closet, A True Confession

After seeing life-changing things like this in the news media, I question whether there’s anything to it. So, after looking deep inside my psyche and emotions, I’ll confess what I’ve carried with me since my earliest memories. To get this monkey off my back, so to speak. It is something that, for me, just seemed to come naturally. Juvenile experimentation aside, I have come to realize that I have always been attracted to the opposite sex and am a heterosexual.

That being said, only one question remains. Beside the President, who cares and what does it matter? OK, that’s two questions.

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