Dems Don’t Want Immigration Reform

Want proof that Democrats don’t want ‘Immigration Reform?’  Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt. will tell you. He added a provision conferring benefits to same-sex partners to the Gang of 8’s proposed bill.

Sen. Rubio doesn’t want it. I don’t want their brand of Immigration Reform either. But for a lot of different reasons.

Adding the hairy ass amendment to an immigration bill is designed to keep ‘immigration reform’ as a campaign issue. That’s what the Democrats want. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have included such an irrelevant and controversial topic into the bill.

You can bet that any bill that is ‘comprehensive’ isn’t going to be good. And by comprehensive, I mean all-encompassing, all law, with none of the components debated and none of the components prioritized. The Affordable Health Care Act is an example of the consequences of hastily rushing legislation through, especially when you have lawmakers that can not be trusted. And for good reason. For example, this administration will allow the AHCA to remain after ‘discovering’ that none of what it was promised to do when it was being ‘sold’ to Americans has happened. Instead, it has made everything it was supposed to improve get worse. Much worse.

THIS is what immigration reform should look like, and how it should be implemented.

Link: Possible changes to immigration bill could weaken Rubio’s support  |  Same Sex Solutions

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