Dems Oppose Immigration Reform

Democrats say NO to accomplished potential immigrants here with valid visas like foreign-born graduates with  master’s and Ph.D.s in science, tech, engineering and math fields, STEM. Those who add value to the country.

How many times have we heard President Obama talk about bi-partisanship in doing those things that both sides can agree on? Lamenting the deadlock in Washington. That Democrats could not agree on this bill, demonstrates that they not only prefer deadlock and a “do-nothing Congress,” but that they also prefer low and no-skilled illegals receiving government benefits that legal citizens may receive. AKA undocumented democrats.

THE HOUSE: Convened at 9 and has just cast the week’s final vote – with 27 Democrats joining all but five Republicans to pass legislation that would give permanent residency to 55,000 foreigners each year once they get advanced degrees from U.S. schools in science, technology, engineering and math. (The tally was 245-139.) But the bill is going nowhere in the lame-duck Senate because most Democrats, Obama included, oppose it for two reasons: They want to hold the measure (which the business community is eager for) hostage until negotiations on an immigration overhaul next year, when they’ll be pushing to give illegals a path to citizenship. And they don’t like that the STEM visas would be made available by ending the annual green-card lottery for people in countries with traditionally low immigration rates.

Links: House GOP bashes Democrats for opposing immigration bill   |  H.R. 6429: STEM Jobs Act of 2012

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