Democratics Getting Their Feelings Hurt

Howard Kurtz, writing in The Daily Beast, is appealing to Mitt Romney to show some compassion for members of the “Democratic Party.”

Romney also noted that in Massachusetts, “with a Democrat legislature, I helped turn my state from deficit to surplus.” (Memo to Mitt: its members prefer that it be called the Democratic Party.)
{emphasis added}

As the ‘church lady’ would say, “Isn’t that special?” No problem Howard. From now on, the term to describe Democrats, as members of the Democratic Party, shall be Democratics. It goes something like this. Republicans are of the Republican Party, and Democratics are of the Democratic Party.

Obviously, Mr. Kurtz must not see anything awry with democratics saying that republicans want to poison the water and air, kill senior citizens, and starve children. As if republicans breath different air and drink different water, and use different schools, hospitals and doctors.

So if calling members of the Democratic Party democratics has him all torqued up, then he and democratics  should grow some thicker skin.

Always quick to sweat the small stuff and ignore $16 trillion in debt. And if re-elected, $20 trillion by the end of a second term. Then there’s the record high unemployment, socialized medicine in the name of Obamacare, wasteful spending propping up union pensions and paying back campaign contributors. Not to mention selectively enforcing and not enforcing laws from immigration to bankruptcy.

Nothing personal Howard, but republicans don’t ‘prefer’ to accept that.