N. Korea’s Nuke Plant Shut Down

It looks like progress.

“Our inspectors are there. They verified the shutting down of the reactor yesterday,” said Mohamed ElBaradei, chief of the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency.

Of course we can expect that the IAEA can keep Kim Jong Il from exporting his technology and radioactive materials to anyone with cash.  Feel like you can sleep better now?

Phillies Make Baseball History

The Philadelphia Phillies faced the inevitable tonight against the St. Louis Cardinals. After hFans hold up signs acknowledging the Phillies 10,000th loss, the most by any team in any sport.olding off the Cards for the last two games in the 3-game series, the Phils lost 10-2 that included 6 home runs from the Cardinals. The Phillies also win the distinction of being the first team in professional baseball to reach its 10,000th loss, at home.

From Connie Mack Stadium to the Vet and Citizens Bank Park, and at ballparks all over, the Phillies have cemented their place as the losingest team in professional sports. The franchise, born in 1883 as the Philadelphia Quakers and later called the Blue Jays in the mid-1940s, fell to 8,810-10,000.

They are the first, but won’t be the last. After all, it took them 124 years to lose 10,000 games.

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Iraqi Prime Minister To U.S., Be Careful What You Wish For

Yesterday Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said that Iraq will be ready to take over security from U.S. forces “any time” they decide to withdraw. The point I think he made that seems to be missed is that the U.S. forces are not being held in Iraq against their will. There are no chains on them that are keeping them from leaving. He is also letting the war critics know that they will pay the consequences in the long run if they were to leave before the Iraqi security forces are fully trained and equipped. The message to the left and other war critics is be careful what you wish for.

The choice is clear, leave and face the consequences of terrorism, genocide and the establishment of a terrorist state run by al-Qaeda, or stay as long as it takes to complete the task of creating positive change in Iraq and as an aside, throughout the Middle East, and face the consequences of freedom.