Sen. Mel Martinez Update

Politically speaking, my good Senator Mel Martinez has reached his zenith. He has reached his “Peter principle.” He is against enforcing current immigration laws, he wants to make new laws that make us less secure and more like Americo than America. He is quick to speak out on the vital topics of the day, like immigration, and energy, and has been consistent in putting the interests of illegals and Venezuelan dictators ahead of his constituents and our country.

Just like he did with immigration, Mel is again sounding the alarm about the hemisphere’s idiot, Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela. Chavez has already nationalized the oil industry there, confiscating assets of American oil companies (which the Senator has not named) that do business there. Chavez has shut out and shut down any news media that is critical of him. Can you say Fairness Doctrine? Yet Mel has no plan or suggestion on what to do about it. Unless of course you consider his plan to not drill for oil anywhere near the State of Florida as a plan to fix our oil dependency problem with foreign countries.

Sen. Mel Martinez will not respond to an inquiry as to why the U.S. Navy still has Citgo gas stations on every base in the United States. The notion of getting another vendor on our bases apparently hasn’t occurred to him, so what does it matter what he says about Venezuela today? While his head is in the sand, his butt is in the right place for kicking. Kick him out.