Iran’s Quds Force Training Iraqi Insurgent Groups

On a weekly if not daily basis lately, evidence that Iran is meddling in Iraq is mounting up.  And on the same regular basis our Democrat leaders in Washington, and especially those wanting to be President, are denying that there is anything we need to do about it. To do what is necessary would be to acknowledge that there is an enemy out there that is hell bent on killing us.  And that Iran is not only killing our soldiers, but Iraqis, Palestinians and Jews.

What are the chances that the Democrats running for President will change from bashing Bush to telling us their ideas on how they will deal with the challenges this nation faces?  I don’t think it will happen.  Running on no platform worked for them in ’06, but if they think it will work the same for them in ’08 then more power to them.  They are planning to fail.  Which, come to think of it, is the same way they are fighting this war.

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Muslim Cleric Caught Dressed In Drag

Buried in the Asia/Pacific section of the New York Times, the preferred newspaper of jihadistsPicture this in a burqa and high heels.  everywhere, is this news that radical Muslim cleric Maulana Mohammad Abdul Aziz, chief cleric of the Lal Mosque in Islamabad, was arrested when he tried to sneak past Pakistani authorities in a burqa and high heels. Where’s the picture of that girlyman?

He was caught this evening as he left the mosque among a group of female students.

Oh wait! Here it is.

Three Names For The Pardon List

Scooter Libby isn’t the only American that should be pardoned. Forget this commuting the sentence crap. That is the wimpiest (if that’s a word) application of justice that I’ve ever seen. A pardon is what Libby has coming to him, as do these two American heroes who were wrongfully prosecuted and began their combined 23 years prison term on January 17th, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean. U.S. Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Compean are in prison because they tried to stop, if not kill, a guy from entering the country illegally. His vehicle was loaded with 743 pounds of pot. He managed to get away after being shot in the butt, and later came back to the U.S. to accuse the officers of violating his civil rights for shooting him. As unbelievable as it sounds, the illegal drug runner prevailed and our public servants are in jail.

Add Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean to the pardon list along with Scooter Libby.

ACLU Taking Sides

The ACLU has been very busy lately. They sued the city of Slidell, LaDaylight is to a vampire as Jesus is to the ACLU.. over a portrait of Jesus hanging on the wall of a courthouse lobby. It is apparent that Jesus, well no, it’s not even Jesus, it is a picture of Jesus. A picture of Jesus is to the ACLU what daylight is to a vampire for crying out loud.

So when it comes to the subject of foot-baths for Muslims’ use before prayer, five times a day, you would think the ACLU would be all over that too! But you’d be wrong.

In fact, the Muslim group that was considering getting these foot-baths for their believers anticipated the ACLU would either sue them or the school over using public money that they were prepared to fund the $25,000 ‘project’ with private funds. But when they found out that the ACLU would represent them, they decided to have taxpayers buy them instead.

Muslims are required to wash body parts, including feet, up to five times daily before prayers. University officials say the floor-level wash basins are needed because some students at the 8,600-student campus wash their feet in the sinks.

A lesson on the subject of character from the “Religion of Peace”?

The public accommodation as far as I can tell is the fact that these ‘foot-baths’ are for prayer purposes. They’re sure not for hygiene. Prayer and the sinks that go with it are OK? A picture is not? How come I can Google all kinds of pictures of Jesus but not one picture of a Muslim foot-bath?

The ACLU has not only been busy, but they also have apparently taken sides. For them its political though, not religious. This issue is just a ride on the vehicle of chance to advance their contrary agenda. What’s important to note however is the fact that now they can not avoid showing themselves for the leftist anti-American bunch that they are. Even to the cool-aide drinkers out there. The ACLU is still a pig with lipstick. And the Muslims in Dearbornistan are what they are.