Liberals Spamming Fox Advertisers?

What the wacko left, the driving and financing force for the Democrat party, is up to. Forget about why most republican candidates don’t wish to participate in a uTube sponsored debate, with snowmen and other stunts. It’s a better reason not to participate than to have to answer questions from Britt Hume and Chris Wallace, which the left is given a pass for. Oh but that’s not all., the Campaign for America’s Future and liberal blogs like are asking thousands of supporters to monitor who is advertising on the network. Once a database is gathered, an organized phone-calling campaign will begin, said Jim Gilliam, vice president of media strategy for Brave New Films, a company that has made anti-Fox videos.

The groups have successfully pressured Democratic presidential candidates not to appear at any debate sponsored by Fox, and are also trying to get Home Depot Inc. to stop advertising there.

It’s spam. Political hack spam, that no Democrat wannabe will denounce. They all will probably like the idea and call it free speech and being patriotic. When actually it is an attempt to squelch speech and being idiotic.

Democrats On Message With Obstruction Of Judiciary

Feeling pumped with less than two years left of the Bush administration, Sen. Charles Schumer holds the line on their shadow legislature, the Supreme Court. Schumer declares that Democrats won’t approve another Bush nominee for the Supreme Court. Saying approving Alito was a mistake.

Schumer voted against confirming Roberts and Alito. In Friday’s speech, he said his greatest regret in the last Congress was not doing more to scuttle Alito.

Can’t you just feel the love of working together?

We cannot afford to see Justice Stevens replaced by another Roberts, or Justice Ginsburg by another Alito.

They can’t afford? Do you see the arrogance of all of this? That’s democrat-speak for we have to get our shadow legislature back if we have any expectations to subvert the will of the people again.

You have to respect these Democrats for one thing. They do stay focused on their goal. And it has nothing to do with their constitutional responsibilities. We can add ‘obstruct’ to the list of goals. It’s now subpoena, surrender, censor, and obstruct. The administration, the war, talk radio, and the judiciary.