Geraldo Rivera’s Little Secret

Geraldo Rivera has trouble discussing illegal immigration. His whole world revolves around championing law breaking when it comes to our borders. To him, there is no such thing as an illegal immigrant or an illegal migrant. That’s why he will label anyone who tries to support legal immigration as being anti-immigrant, like he did with Michelle Malkin.

There is one question that the pompous Geraldo Rivera, champion of Latino illegals everywhere, cannot and will not address. “What do you think about sanctuary cities?” Everybody he meets on and off the air should ask him that question until he gives us his answer. Until that happens, Geraldo who?

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update 8/27/07 : It finally happened. Geraldo spent a few minutes on H&C last week on the subject of sanctuary cities. He obviously supports the notion of sanctuary cities if you read the transcript of the show. Neither he nor Alan Colmes could grasp the argument that the murders of the three college students were preventable. Whereas all the other crimes that Geraldo and Colmes wanted to compare to in order to call the other side racists. The fact that they were illegal didn’t matter. But when it is preventable, it does matter.