Freedom Concerts, For The Right Reason

Last night, the first of five Freedom Concerts played in Atlanta, Ga.. I’m not finding even one news article about the sell-out audience in Atlanta. The proceeds and all donations are used to provide college educations for the kids of our fallen soldiers. And also for those who would rather get a technical school degree, or require special educational needs. Whichever, it’s paid for.

“We get up and take care of kids and we live our lives and don’t have to worry about liberty and freedom,” Hannity says. “We get to have all these fun times because of the soldiers’ enormous sacrifice. This is a way to honor them.”

Lets contrast this with The Live Earth Concert, that world-wide concert extravaganza to save the earth managed to raise no money to contribute towards that cause. Since there was no ‘profit’ realized from the shows, the word is that the concerts were to raise public awareness for global warming. As if Algore’s science fiction movie hadn’t already done that. We’ve seen it mentioned in the news on an almost daily basis, so that couldn’t be the reason. It took Robert Kennedy Jr. to say what it was really about. It’s about criminalizing differing opinions and promoting political activism, at this supposedly non-political event.

“Get rid of all these rotten politicians that we have in Washington, who are nothing more than corporate toadies … This is treason. And we need to start treating them as traitors,” said Kennedy.

It was about his political socialist ideology and anti-capitalistic agenda of these ‘progressive’ types. Progressive, Socialist, the words are interchangeable. Government good, business bad. Kennedy did an excellent job of portraying the anti-establishment hippies of the 60’s. It’s almost like he never evolved beyond that.

The media however did cover the Live Earth event both in the ‘news’ and the on-air broadcast of it.

Between the two events, which event was non-political? Which one have you heard about in the media?

See Kennedy’s performance on Levin Papantonio Television, or rather, goLeft TV. The agenda begins after around 3 min. and 40 seconds into the 6 minute video. If you can watch it for that long.