Democrat Leaders Indifferent To Life, Freedom

For the party that claims the human rights mantle, and are just consumed with concern over what the world thinks of us, “Our reputation around the world” has become the preamble to stump speeches by Democrats. So in that context it is astonishing how little concern these same Democrats in Washington have for the Iraqi people who hear them talk about leaving Iraq on a daily basis.

The millions of Iraqis that were glad to be rid of Saddam and voted for the first time to govern themselves and live in freedom, are still living in a war zone. Their army and security forces are not yet able to protect themselves against Iran and al-Qaeda. The Iraqi people are seeing their hopes and dreams for freedom be doused by impatient politicians in Washington. So the Americans (if you listen to the Dems) are now willing to leave them for al-Qaeda to deal with.

What kind of human being will go in to a country (remember ‘you go in there and you own it’?) and tear it apart, tell the people there that we’re going to help you get setup as a free people, and then leave before fulfilling that promise?

Is this what they mean when they say that Bush has hurt the reputation of the United States around the world? Do they really believe that leaving Iraq to become a terrorist haven while setting up its population for slaughter will improve our image?

All allies who want to join us in our next military challenge, please raise your hands.