Nancy (The Pot) Pelosi, Iraqi Legislature Can’t Pass Legislation

What a sobering moment for House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi in responding to President Bush’s press conference today discussing the Iraq preliminary report. The final report on the surge is set for September. Today on the floor of the House of Representatives, in attempting to justify why the U.S. should abandon the Iraqis and remove our troops, Nancy Pelosi chastises the fledgling democratic Iraqi government by stating that not enough political benchmarks have been met. She said the Iraqi legislature has been sitting on legislation for months and has not been able to show any progress passing any of it. The transcript does not capture her reaction to what she said when she said it. It was one of those “priceless” moments. A video will also show that she strayed slightly from the text transcript posted on her website. As of this writing I haven’t found a video of the proceeding.

According to her website, the “transcript” she posted says “Legislation to make the Iraqi political process more inclusive is stalled in the Iraqi legislature.” OK, is this the pot calling the kettle black or what? Bush addressed this issue today as well. Simply, the military and security benchmarks will come, and have to come, before the political benchmarks can be made.

Besides, the Iraqi legislators are dodging mortars, suicide bombers, and missiles Nancy. What’s your excuse?

It is unfortunate that the Speaker cannot be on the same side as our government and the Iraqi people. This is coming from the same people who criticized the administration for not planning for the aftermath of the fall of Saddam. What is their plan for Iraq if we were to leave before the job is complete? Have they taken that into account? Which BTW the President fully explained at his press conference today. Nancy does not care. She’s got an agenda for her party. And the party comes before the country.

UPDATE 7/19/07: the video

Shoplifting Lefties On The Loose In Pensacola

Over the eight years of operating Philly’s, I have provided reading material for my customers to browse while waiting for their sandwich. The daily newspaper, the Limbaugh Letter, and Human Events, and some of my brilliant posts are there for the customers’ perusal. Until yesterday that is.

They can be replaced, but I’m wondering what motivates someone to steal this stuff from the counter? The left is always quick to squelch stuff like this so I’m guessing that is who is to blame. It never occurs to them to offer something that they think their neighbors should see. I don’t know for sure but I’d guess that there are liberal publications out there, besides the mainstream media that is, that a proud liberal would want to share it with Philly’s customers the same way this proud conservative wants to share what I enjoy reading. Like all the literature you’ll see in a doctor’s office, I offer up political literature for my customers to browse. It isn’t forced on anyone, it’s just in a little rack sitting on the counter.

A suggestion to the perpetrator: rather than turn yourself into a criminal, why not do something different, like encourage debate instead of attempting to censor it? Your challenge is to bring in a subscription of something you’d like to share and I’ll put it on the lunch counter, the physical one, in the store. The liberal conspiracy theories make for entertaining reading. Just one caveat, if you have to steal it in order to get it then never-mind. I don’t want it.