Employee No Choice Act Fails

As it should have. It was commonly mis-named as the Employee Free Choice Act. The bill has nothing to do with our national interest and everything to do with labor union interests. It is a bill to enhance union organization and membership by eliminating the private ballot, and was defeated when cloture vote failed with 51-48, and 1 not voting. When was the last time you voted using a public ballot, where people will see how you voted when you vote?

The states that were in favor are the Northeast and the left coast, as one would expect. Thank goodness for the rest of the country. There was only one republican that voted for it. Your RINO and mine, Senator Arlen Specter, number two in the Republican party. The one who didn’t vote was Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) who is recuperating from a stroke he had a few months ago.

Vote results.