Not By The Color Of Your Skin

Two cases where public schools were using race in determining school admissions and which cases were upheld by two lower courts were overturned by the Supreme Court on Thursday, July 28, 2007.

  1. Seattle, which Roberts said had never been under court orders to desegregate, used race as a tiebreaker in assigning students to schools where one race or another predominated.
  2. Jefferson County, Ky., comprising greater Louisville, had been subject to court-ordered desegregation, but the order was dissolved in 2001 when the district was declared “unitary.” But the district still used race in deciding on transfer requests among schools.

Sounds like a decision that the leader of the old school civil rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., would applaud. Unfortunately, forty years later, Dr. King’s message has been lost in translation. All the Democrat candidates wishing to be President of the United States had a ‘debate’ at the prestigious Howard University, a Black university in Washington, D.C. which by all accounts turned out to be a pander-fest, with a few condescending and outright insulting comments skewed between.

Nobody plays the race card like a liberal, and every one of our Democrat challengers, the ones with the most to lose, stepped up to the plate to call the Supreme Court’s decision as turning back the clock. Here they are, being their usual dishonest and racial-pimping selves. The two items above is all that the court ruled on, those were the only issues. The ‘turning back the clock’ BS is meant to incite racial tension and to focus hate at Republicans and the administration. And judging by the applause of those present, it did just that. That’s way easier than concentrating on having schools that teach kids to be the next generation of leaders instead of the next generation of drop-outs, and all else that goes with that.

In reality, that place so unfamiliar to this bunch of Presidential wanna-bees, no clock was turned back. It went forward. What else could you call them but race pimps when you know that . . .

the Court stopped short of overturning its precedents on either school desegregation or affirmative action, as Justice Anthony Kennedy, in a key separate opinion, said race could still be a consideration in limited instances in devising school programs to end racial isolation and encourage diversity.

Eugene Robinson’s take pretty much sums up how the uninformed can be so dangerous to the even less-informed in matters such as race. The title of his article on this subject? “Blocking The Schoolhouse Door.” From what you’ve learned so far, do you think his story has the right title?

He says the court does not consider promoting racial diversity in the nation’s public schools a particularly worthy goal. Considering worthy goals is not what the court is for. And framing the court in this way to the Black community is more than being dishonest. The court is there to decide the law. Speaking of the Bush administration and the court, Robinson says “all they need to do is win the vote of one of the court’s more moderate members and — voila — history can be unmade.” Inflammatory? Yes. They are the words of an angry but passionate black man. And also theoretical hyperbole that plays the race card like a Stradivarius.

What’s troubling for liberals is that they are beginning to understand how the judiciary interprets the laws, without an agenda, and without creating more laws. They can’t deal with that. They operate by by-passing the legislative branch by using the courts to advance their agenda instead. They exhibit no trust in nor respect for the American people for behaving like that. For Democrats, a judiciary that operates correctly means (politically) mortal defeat for them, unless and until they learn to trust in the people (the legislature) to make the laws, and trust in the courts to base decisions on those laws. No more adding other things you think would be ‘good.’ That’s what legislatures are for.

And more liberal dogma on diversity, Robinson says “I think the educational process benefits from diversity, and all students are better served in an integrated classroom.” He can think that but he’d be wrong. Better education makes better students, not the color of your neighbor. How many whites are at Howard University again? Isn’t that a Black school? Isn’t someone afraid that they won’t learn right if a white kid isn’t sitting next to him?

It is the curriculum and the quality of teaching we can provide our kids that should be the focus. Putting emphasis on the student’s skin color instead of the student, and on the ‘educational process’ instead of the student, does more to appeal to the soft bigotry of low expectations than to educate the student. If the student’s educational interests were the focus, there would be no objection to the school choice concept. Instead, the focus remains a racial issue on one hand and a union issue on the other, and our kids are caught in the middle and dropping out of school.

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Morning Joe, That Went Well

The MSNBC morning show called Morning Joe had some real fireworks in the studio Wednesday morning. Co-host Mika Brzezinski had more respect for the show than to have the lead story be Paris Hilton waltzing out of county jail. I’m on her side with that. I don’t watch the show, but as the video shows, Mika Brzezinski refused to read it and explained her reason. She became increasingly furious over two things, the producer’s insistence that she read the stupid story, and Joe telling her to “read the story” and telling her she’s not a real journalist because of her refusal to do the story to ‘get control of your life.’ ON THE AIR

It made for some intense television. I agree with her point, and Joe should have backed her on it. Yea, Mika did seem to lose it on the air. Watching the video, you wonder how she managed to not bitch-slap Joe and the guy who snatched the lighter from her. She tried to burn the script. Too much coffee maybe, but she didn’t deserve the derogatory comment that Scarborough made to her, and more than once. And what’s the problem with the producer of the show if they don’t lead off with that stupid story? Will something bad happen? Is the 24 yr old airhead demographic so important for MSNBC that real news gets bumped?

Senator Mel Martinez Needs To Account

“I will do what I can on this topic, but I do think the burden has shifted to others to see what proposals, what solutions, they will offer and they will have,” says our Senator Mel Martinez.

Since the writer of this piece did not ask what kind of suggestions the Senator had received, it is the elephant in the room for those, like me, who want to know. Basically I’d like to see whether there is any reason for me to trust what he says again.

I want to know things like the number of yes/no mail he received from Floridians. And I want to see what “solutions” Floridians sent to him. In the end, I think we will know whether Mel was misleading us, whether he was acting on our behalf by supporting this bill, or on the behalf of someone else.

Will a professional news person be bold enough to ask these questions of the Senator on the record? This article needs a Paul Harvey moment; the rest of the story. Which was getting solutions from the great unwashed. Like those freedom loving people (right wing wackos) that listen to (argh) talk radio, and others.

IMHO, it should be above the fold, page one.

Immigration Bill Goes Down In Senate

Now that the terrible immigration bill is down 46-53, we can start doing what everybody wants, finishing Ahh, looks like we can't fool them like we used to.the border fence that was approved last year just prior to the election, ahem, and get it finished within a year. After the border is secure, and not a minute sooner, we can chip away at the rest of the problem, piece by piece, so that when we’re done, we will have made a comprehensive solution that most Americans want. What a novel idea?

Great Moment In Talk Radio, Voinovich Runs From Questions

Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) was invited to speak about the immigration bill with Sean HannityAfter 40 years in this business, George Voinovich appearing to read. today. Voinovich could not answer one question, out of two. That’s all the time there was because Voinovich took a shot at Sean, almost hanging up on him twice, until he finally did hang up. On his way out the door Voinovich raises his nose and tells Sean that there’s no use talking to you because your mind is made up. ROFL

Sean Hannity was courteous, respectful, and persistent. Voinovich was more prepared for Larry King than Sean Hannity. He came with his talking points about the immigration bill and did not stray. Just like Larry King would allow. Sean asked him if he had read the entire bill. He actually finally, under heart-pounding stress, admitted that he had only read summaries of parts of the bill.

Voinovich melted down when Sean asked his second question. Did the senate do an economic impact study of the effects of this bill on Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid? The senator with 40 years of experience in “this business” would not answer. That’s when he decided to end the conversation. The answer is, of course, NO. That has not been done. But they sure want it passed now though don’t they?

Voinovich had no clue what The Fairness Doctrine was that Sean asked him about. He said, yea, I’m all for fairness. It was stunning to witness. He also said that the Hutchinson amendment was approved when it wasn’t. It would have required the illegals to return to their home country to begin their application process. His ignorance was only outdone by his arrogance.

That fat homeless-looking guy couldn’t write a more effective script showing a politician exhibiting cowardice, a pompous, I’m better than you attitude, and running from a question at full speed, like what George Voinovich did on Sean Hannity’s show today. It was a gem.

FrontPagemag boils Voinovich’s comments and attitude right down to this. . .

And thus Voinovich revealed the insolent face of those who oppose sealing the borders, winning the war against al-Qaeda, and keeping our economy strong.

You can hear it at WorldNetDaily

Mrs. Edwards Pleads, Ann Please Stop

Chris Matthews had arranged for Elizabeth Edwards to call his Hardball program while Ann Coulter was on the show. Elizabeth Edwards is the wife of the man who wants to be President and leader of the free world. Despite the Matthews sandbag, Ann did just fine.

I liked Ann’s question. Why isn’t your husband calling me? What we need here is a new category, whiner.


County Votes No New Taxes

Taxpayers in Escambia County, FL voted nearly 2 to 1 to not increase the local sales tax by 1/2 percent. That makes twice in 3 years that voters rejected raising taxes. Maybe now the politicos will learn to live within their means? You know, like you and I have to?

From the supervisor of elections website as of 23:00, the table below shows those precincts that voted for the referendum. It represents 16 out of 113 precincts. The layout is Pct. nbr, Name of Pct., Yes vote, No vote.

Health Care Surtax Referendum


Escambia County Health Dept





Century City Hall





Azalea Trace





Mt Olive Missionary Baptist Church





Christ Church, Pensacola





Montclair Elementary School





Sacred Heart School





Bayview Park Recreation Center





West Pensacola Volunteer Fire Department





New Hope Missionary Baptist Church





Zion Hope Primitive Baptist Church





Wedgewood Middle School





Richards Memorial United Methodist Church





Marie Ella Davis Community Center





St John Divine Baptist Church





Macedonia Baptist Church





Immigration Bill Advances In Senate

Lost that battle, but not the war. That’s one way to look at what happened in the Senate today. Today they managed to get the 60 votes needed for cloture (64 yes, 35 no, 1 did not vote) of the bill to end the accepting of amendments. On Thursday, after the proposed amendments are ‘debated,’ there will have to be another cloture vote to end debate and put it to the Senate floor for a vote with or without the amendments submitted. If it goes that far, then the bill will go to the House of Representatives where, I hope it will never be seen again. Not in its present form anyway.

The point is, it ain’t over yet. Let your Senators know once again, or a few more times, before Thursday afternoon that you want the border SHUT first. Forget about a comprehensive anything unless they’re talking about a comprehensive border lock-down. Tell them that no manner or level of a comprehensive solution will serve our country or will even have a chance of serving our country if the flow if illegals and terrorists is not stopped first. In other words, the comprehensive solution must not include the continuing flow of millions more coming across the border. PERIOD. Make sure they hear from you.

I live in Florida, you can bet that Mel Martinez already got the last vote he’s going to get from me. Makes me proud to live close to Alabama, whose senators Sessions and Shelby actually serve their legal constituents and put America first. Martinez and Nelson are both wrong in supporting this bill. They are bi-partisan fools out to pimp the Latino voting block at the expense of our nations safety and security. But not all Latinos, just Mexicans. That’s where the numbers are.

Mel, Bill, I’ll remember you both come election day. For the rest of you, I strongly suggest you check this roll call vote, and the one that will take place on Thursday if it passes, to see if any of your senators voted to pass this bill, then act accordingly.

United Nations, Useless In Darfur

Or is it useless nations, united in Darfur?  You can lead a horse to water. . . Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice again chides the United Nations (Useless Nations?) saying that they and their members are ignoring solutions in Darfur.

“I will be very frank. I do not think that the international community has really lived up to its responsibilities here.”