Democrats On Race, To Be A Liberal

Politics and political thought today is so much a product of what is shaped by the mainstream media, the class warfare pimps, and the victim-class pimps, that there really is two Americas when it comes to politics. Not like what John Edwards was talking about, but in terms of what is happening, and what you are being told is happening. Those two. Of all major civil rights legislation enacted since the beginning, there is only one political party advancing the cause for equal rights. If the MSM would do a little research on the subject, they would find that it is the Republican party.

Recommended viewing for liberals. The videos in this post illustrate how liberals think and why they operate the way they do. And the National Black Republican Association’s piece that shows the difference between Democrats and Republicans and what drives them. The videos illuminate the divide that exists between what the MSM tells us about the Democrat and Republican parties on racial issues, and the truth.

A Heritage Foundation piece, “How Modern Liberals Think” by Evan Sayet. Thanks to Snoop for the inspiration.

And from the National Black Republican Association, “Republicans Promote Prosperity – Democrats Promote Dependency” are interviews with Herman Cain and Wayne Perryman.