Sen. Mel Martinez’s Lie About The Immigration Bill

In defense of his position on the immigration bill which will be voted on in the Senate this week, Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fl)Sen. Martinez, who doubles as chairman of the Republican Party, said the ‘fiscal impact’ of this immigration bill will be a net increase in revenues of over $70 billion. The lie by omission here is the fiscal impact once all 20 million illegals become ‘legal’? And then add to that the fiscal impact of the chain migration effect of bringing families of those illegals here into the United States and making them ‘legal’ too? Are we still in a profit situation Senator? Why didn’t you mention that in your ‘defense’ Senator? That omission is fatal to your credibility. How can you represent all of the people with half of the facts? It’s been estimated that it will actually cost over $80 billion a year. From his website. . .

For those concerned about the fiscal impact associated with border security and immigration reform, the Congressional Budget Office reported on May 23rd that the solution we have drafted “would result in a net increase in revenues of $70 billion to $75 billion over the 2008-2017 period.”

Then he speaks to me with this attitude . . .

To those who choose to ignore the problem, call any effort to address it “amnesty,” or politicize potential solutions, I would say, provide a solution; provide an idea for securing the borders, bringing 12 million people out of the shadows, and answering the labor needs of our nation.

Let’s split hairs shall we? If I want to call making all 12-20 millions illegals ‘legal’ as amnesty, then what do you call it? I see, if you have a different solution to the problem than he, then you’re ignoring the problem. I think we need to get more specific as to what the problem is. The problem is not how to get all those illegals to vote for my party. The problem is how to stop illegal immigration. Then the problem becomes what to do with those here illegally. Then there’s the problem of politicians, like yourself, who see illegals as employees (whether they work or not) with rights.

The solution is simple, and it won’t change the demographic of America into something else.

  • Finish the 700 mile fence. Only 2 miles have been built so far, and you seem to be satisfied with building “at least 370 miles” of it in the short term, which is what this bill calls for. In other words, your first step has a gaping hole in it.
  • Start building infrastructure necessary to temporarily house illegals for distribution to either prison or their home country. That doesn’t mean go round them up, it means deal with them as they come up either at the border or at a traffic stop.
  • You don’t confer ‘legal’ status to illegals. The working illegals, those without criminal records, should remain ‘illegal’ until they have gone through all the hoops to become a citizen and not a second sooner. What will bring them out of the shadows is the hope of being able to become a citizen. If they’re only here to use the country then they’ll either go home or go underground, where they are now.
  • Biometric ID, also required to cast a vote in elections.
  • Take out the welcome mat. Provide employers tools to insure they’re not hiring illegals, and fine those who are intentionally breaking the law.
  • Restrict the wire transfer of money outside of the United States to U.S. citizens.
  • The free market, Senator, will meet the labor needs of our nation. The market will make the adjustment, and life goes on. Interfering with the free market is counterproductive. As an immigrant yourself, no one should know the value and potential that freedom brings more than you. Don’t try to artificially manipulate it.

The Dept of Justice has a role to play here also. The practice of ‘sanctuary cities’ has to be stopped. It amounts to a ‘don’t ask’ policy that is not only dangerous but it signals the breakdown of law and order. Recognizing that it is law and order, coupled with individual freedom, that made this country the greatest in the world in less than 200 years, and that made America “America,” it would be a destructive act to allow that to break down. Sanctuary cities is another welcome mat that needs to get pulled.


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