Air America Host Attacks Hate Radio

On Scarborough Country last night, Mike Papantonio thought he was attacking Rush Limbaugh by calling what Rush does as hate radio, but it soon becomes apparent that all the invectives and entirely made-up accusations and name-calling that he was accusing Rush of was glaringly evident in himself. Rush doesn’t do hate radio.

June 14: Florida Democrats are protesting a conservative radio station that also provides official emergency information. Joe Scarborough asks analyst Steve Adubato and radio host Mike Papantonio if politics are trumping safety in hurricane country.

Broward County Commissioner Stacy Ritter on Rush Limbaugh and WIOD radio: ‘We don’t have to do business with them.’

I’m not defending Rush here, he doesn’t need defending. But when the one, and only, question that was asked of Joe’s two guest pundits was whether politics was interfering with public safety, Papantonio would not answer. He attacked, made up stuff, called names, refused to answer the question, for which he’ll probably be praised. That’s the way he is. Steve Adubato, the other guest did more of the same in a less rabid way, but did finally answer it in the last few seconds of the interview in the affirmative.

The pot calling the kettle black is an imperfect euphemism here because Rush is neither. Otherwise, it fits. For a preview of what Papantonio is like on his radio show, just look at this interview from last night.

UPDATE June 17, 2007: And for a full dose of his rabid rants, you can check out his new “investment” in liberal dogma called go-leftTV. Another creation of Papantonio and his law firm buds here in Pensacola.

As far as the radio station contract goes, it was renewed. Sanity prevailed.

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