Great Moment In Talk Radio, Voinovich Runs From Questions

Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH) was invited to speak about the immigration bill with Sean HannityAfter 40 years in this business, George Voinovich appearing to read. today. Voinovich could not answer one question, out of two. That’s all the time there was because Voinovich took a shot at Sean, almost hanging up on him twice, until he finally did hang up. On his way out the door Voinovich raises his nose and tells Sean that there’s no use talking to you because your mind is made up. ROFL

Sean Hannity was courteous, respectful, and persistent. Voinovich was more prepared for Larry King than Sean Hannity. He came with his talking points about the immigration bill and did not stray. Just like Larry King would allow. Sean asked him if he had read the entire bill. He actually finally, under heart-pounding stress, admitted that he had only read summaries of parts of the bill.

Voinovich melted down when Sean asked his second question. Did the senate do an economic impact study of the effects of this bill on Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid? The senator with 40 years of experience in “this business” would not answer. That’s when he decided to end the conversation. The answer is, of course, NO. That has not been done. But they sure want it passed now though don’t they?

Voinovich had no clue what The Fairness Doctrine was that Sean asked him about. He said, yea, I’m all for fairness. It was stunning to witness. He also said that the Hutchinson amendment was approved when it wasn’t. It would have required the illegals to return to their home country to begin their application process. His ignorance was only outdone by his arrogance.

That fat homeless-looking guy couldn’t write a more effective script showing a politician exhibiting cowardice, a pompous, I’m better than you attitude, and running from a question at full speed, like what George Voinovich did on Sean Hannity’s show today. It was a gem.

FrontPagemag boils Voinovich’s comments and attitude right down to this. . .

And thus Voinovich revealed the insolent face of those who oppose sealing the borders, winning the war against al-Qaeda, and keeping our economy strong.

You can hear it at WorldNetDaily

Mrs. Edwards Pleads, Ann Please Stop

Chris Matthews had arranged for Elizabeth Edwards to call his Hardball program while Ann Coulter was on the show. Elizabeth Edwards is the wife of the man who wants to be President and leader of the free world. Despite the Matthews sandbag, Ann did just fine.

I liked Ann’s question. Why isn’t your husband calling me? What we need here is a new category, whiner.