Al-Qaida’s New Alliance

Troubling news for democrats wanting to run for president of the United States. These war on terror deniers should speak to Rep. Jane Harman (D-Ca) about what’s going on in Northern Africa. The govern-less area is ripe with terrorists wanting to set up another training camp and territory to call their own.

They call it . . .

an increasingly dangerous incubator for extremism: a swath of northern and sub-Saharan West Africa, from the Atlantic coast of Morocco and Mauritania to the harsh deserts of Chad.

Then again, if the MSM ignores this little factoid, then chances are the candidates will never have to answer a question like, ‘all those who believe that the war on terror is real raise your hands.’

New Sport, Dems Refusing To Answer Questions

The core of the democrat party, the left-wing blogosphere, is now taking cowardice to the next level as a strategy.  Running away from a FOX sponsored political primary debate was just the beginning.  Now it’s fashionable, even laudable that the candidates refuse to answer questions.  “Democratic style” democracy in action.  Why should we need to know what a candidate feels about a subject anyway?

Setback For Americo, Amnesty Bill Halted

It looks like those geniuses in Washington got an earful from y’all on this immigration bill. Thankfully, enough of our representatives were dragged kicking and screaming to vote against cloture of the bill. So, although it is not going for a vote at this time, it is not dead. Harry Reid is still adamant that he is going to find a way to “pass this bill.” What he is actually saying is that you are just too stupid to know what you are talking about in the immigration bill, in fact, what you want to do will make it worse, so I’m going to get this to become law by hook or by crook. For him, it means doing what comes natural. For Trent Lott, it means he’s lost his mind.

I don’t want a bill passed in desperation that was basically written in secret, and with no (zero) senators in the committee that had an opposing view. They, like Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Al) were not allowed to participate. And I definitely don’t want a bill that is sold to us as “it’s the best that we can do”. I don’t doubt that this bill may be the best that they could do, which is why they need to retire. Their priorities are weighted more for Americo than America. Well, actually their priorities are to import as many ignorant voters as they can and guarantee majority party status for decades, even if it means the building of Americo out of America.

Now, lets bring this bill out in the open. Show it to the American people piece by piece, and enact the will of the people, piece by piece, one at a time, and in logical order. And this time show us the effects the bill would have on our economy and be honest about it. I don’t want a bill that was hastily and secretly dreamed up by old politicians the likes of Ted Kennedy and John McCain.

You have to ask yourself why was the bill drawn up in secret, without any knowledge about it by the American people? Like the part where illegals who were also convicted felons in the United States, and illegals who have been deported and were caught in this country again, would gain legal status, as if the slate was just wiped clean. Isn’t that what you would call amnesty? Yet the President and Mel Martinez want to scorn you for using such a word. They’re acting more like democrats every day. If you can’t handle the truth, just delegitimize the opposition.