Setback For Americo, Amnesty Bill Halted

It looks like those geniuses in Washington got an earful from y’all on this immigration bill. Thankfully, enough of our representatives were dragged kicking and screaming to vote against cloture of the bill. So, although it is not going for a vote at this time, it is not dead. Harry Reid is still adamant that he is going to find a way to “pass this bill.” What he is actually saying is that you are just too stupid to know what you are talking about in the immigration bill, in fact, what you want to do will make it worse, so I’m going to get this to become law by hook or by crook. For him, it means doing what comes natural. For Trent Lott, it means he’s lost his mind.

I don’t want a bill passed in desperation that was basically written in secret, and with no (zero) senators in the committee that had an opposing view. They, like Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Al) were not allowed to participate. And I definitely don’t want a bill that is sold to us as “it’s the best that we can do”. I don’t doubt that this bill may be the best that they could do, which is why they need to retire. Their priorities are weighted more for Americo than America. Well, actually their priorities are to import as many ignorant voters as they can and guarantee majority party status for decades, even if it means the building of Americo out of America.

Now, lets bring this bill out in the open. Show it to the American people piece by piece, and enact the will of the people, piece by piece, one at a time, and in logical order. And this time show us the effects the bill would have on our economy and be honest about it. I don’t want a bill that was hastily and secretly dreamed up by old politicians the likes of Ted Kennedy and John McCain.

You have to ask yourself why was the bill drawn up in secret, without any knowledge about it by the American people? Like the part where illegals who were also convicted felons in the United States, and illegals who have been deported and were caught in this country again, would gain legal status, as if the slate was just wiped clean. Isn’t that what you would call amnesty? Yet the President and Mel Martinez want to scorn you for using such a word. They’re acting more like democrats every day. If you can’t handle the truth, just delegitimize the opposition.

20 Loopholes In Immigration Bill

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions (R) released a list today of 20 loopholes in the current immigration bill. Watch how little attention this gets in the MSM. But first, check out Session’s press release where he lists the 20 loopholes.

Then get on the phone or email your representatives. Never mind that you may have already done that. Do it again.

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Fiscal Impact Of Senate Immigration Bill

I don’t know how my senator, Mel Martinez, can possibly say with a straight face that this immigration bill will amount to a net increase of $70 billion over 10 years. Martinez says . . .

For those concerned about the fiscal impact associated with border security and immigration reform, the Congressional Budget Office reported on May 23rd that the solution we have drafted “would result in a net increase in revenues of $70 billion to $75billion over the 2008-2017 period.”

Bruce Kesler at the Democracy Project has the latest CBO numbers on the fiscal impact of this legislation if passed as proposed. It goes into the tens of billions per year in the red, not surplus as Sen. Martinez, who is also the Chairman of the Republican Party, claims. What’s wrong with this picture?

A Poll That Counts In Hazleton PA

A republican democrat (what?) just won a third term as Mayor in a city rife with illegalHazleton, PA Mayor Louis J. Barletta immigrants. Contrary to the McCain, Kennedy, and Martinez crews’ assertions, these American people put America first. Read how a republican won re-election with democrats voting for him as a write-in. He got over 90% of the vote which obviously includes democratic voters. Now there’s bi-partisan support. Someone please tell Sen. Kennedy.

The Hazleton, Pa., mayor who launched a war on the impact of illegal aliens in his city was warned that his future political career would be “haunted” by the decision, but now Louis J. Barletta has won not only the GOP nomination for mayor, which he was seeking, but the Democratic nomination by virtue of 1,200 write-in votes.

There isn’t a bigger, more blatant example of the disconnect between what the politicians and the media think the people want and what the people actually feel about illegal immigration. The Hazleton election is a ‘poll’ no one can dispute. And the only one that counts.

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Mayor wins both GOP and Democrat primaries

Sen. Mel Martinez’s Lie About The Immigration Bill

In defense of his position on the immigration bill which will be voted on in the Senate this week, Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fl)Sen. Martinez, who doubles as chairman of the Republican Party, said the ‘fiscal impact’ of this immigration bill will be a net increase in revenues of over $70 billion. The lie by omission here is the fiscal impact once all 20 million illegals become ‘legal’? And then add to that the fiscal impact of the chain migration effect of bringing families of those illegals here into the United States and making them ‘legal’ too? Are we still in a profit situation Senator? Why didn’t you mention that in your ‘defense’ Senator? That omission is fatal to your credibility. How can you represent all of the people with half of the facts? It’s been estimated that it will actually cost over $80 billion a year. From his website. . .

For those concerned about the fiscal impact associated with border security and immigration reform, the Congressional Budget Office reported on May 23rd that the solution we have drafted “would result in a net increase in revenues of $70 billion to $75 billion over the 2008-2017 period.”

Then he speaks to me with this attitude . . .

To those who choose to ignore the problem, call any effort to address it “amnesty,” or politicize potential solutions, I would say, provide a solution; provide an idea for securing the borders, bringing 12 million people out of the shadows, and answering the labor needs of our nation.

Let’s split hairs shall we? If I want to call making all 12-20 millions illegals ‘legal’ as amnesty, then what do you call it? I see, if you have a different solution to the problem than he, then you’re ignoring the problem. I think we need to get more specific as to what the problem is. The problem is not how to get all those illegals to vote for my party. The problem is how to stop illegal immigration. Then the problem becomes what to do with those here illegally. Then there’s the problem of politicians, like yourself, who see illegals as employees (whether they work or not) with rights.

The solution is simple, and it won’t change the demographic of America into something else.

  • Finish the 700 mile fence. Only 2 miles have been built so far, and you seem to be satisfied with building “at least 370 miles” of it in the short term, which is what this bill calls for. In other words, your first step has a gaping hole in it.
  • Start building infrastructure necessary to temporarily house illegals for distribution to either prison or their home country. That doesn’t mean go round them up, it means deal with them as they come up either at the border or at a traffic stop.
  • You don’t confer ‘legal’ status to illegals. The working illegals, those without criminal records, should remain ‘illegal’ until they have gone through all the hoops to become a citizen and not a second sooner. What will bring them out of the shadows is the hope of being able to become a citizen. If they’re only here to use the country then they’ll either go home or go underground, where they are now.
  • Biometric ID, also required to cast a vote in elections.
  • Take out the welcome mat. Provide employers tools to insure they’re not hiring illegals, and fine those who are intentionally breaking the law.
  • Restrict the wire transfer of money outside of the United States to U.S. citizens.
  • The free market, Senator, will meet the labor needs of our nation. The market will make the adjustment, and life goes on. Interfering with the free market is counterproductive. As an immigrant yourself, no one should know the value and potential that freedom brings more than you. Don’t try to artificially manipulate it.

The Dept of Justice has a role to play here also. The practice of ‘sanctuary cities’ has to be stopped. It amounts to a ‘don’t ask’ policy that is not only dangerous but it signals the breakdown of law and order. Recognizing that it is law and order, coupled with individual freedom, that made this country the greatest in the world in less than 200 years, and that made America “America,” it would be a destructive act to allow that to break down. Sanctuary cities is another welcome mat that needs to get pulled.


Congressman Indicted In Washington

Rep. William Jefferson (D-La) was indicted today by a federal grand jury in a longstanding FBI His constituents don't just call him 'Dollar Bill' Jefferson for nothing.corruption probe centering on allegations that he took bribes to promote high-tech business ventures in Africa. Now that that threshold has passed, it will be instructive to see what the reaction of his party will be. Will he be expelled or will they circle the wagons and go to court with him?

Will he be removed from Congress? Speaker Pelosi did promise and end to corruption.

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Nation’s Capitol Is No Safe Haven For Corrupt Politicians

Countdown Button Is Pushed For Israel’s Demise

That’s what Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says. Let’s see if the mainstream media can pull itself away from naming a NYC street after a guy who ‘hates white people’ long enough to tell you about another madman who hates Jews.

“With God’s help, the countdown button for the destruction of the Zionist regime has been pushed by the hands of the children of Lebanon and Palestine,” Ahmadinejad said in a speech.

related from October 27, 2005:  Annan: ‘Dismay’ over Iranian Comments on Israel

We now see the results that ‘Dismay’ gets when it comes to Iran.  That’s almost as powerful a weapon as being ‘really really upset’ about it.  Then there’s ‘extremely concerned.’  The Useless Nations’ Kofi Annan, the statesman, peacemaker, and, Godfather to corrupt regimes everywhere.  Nearly two years later and the problem has only gotten worse and the UN has demonstrated its usual incompetence.

Hillary Clinton, What Makeover?

It only makes sense that Sen. Clinton has to have a ‘makeover‘ to show her (mid-western) roots. I hearken back to her first Senate race in New York when she found out she was Jewish, and a New York Yankees fan. Chameleons don’t do makeovers.

[T]the Clinton campaign has embarked on an ambitious effort to present the candidate the way they want her to be seen: as a pragmatic Midwesterner with a compelling life story


The challenge is more than just getting voters to connect to Clinton: She has extremely high negative ratings to try to counteract.

It’s what happens when you have a candidate that supplants polls for principles.

Putin Out Of Balance, Disturbed

Russian President Vladimir Putin still insists that Russia is at odds if not still at ‘war’ with the United States and wants nothing of this missile shield. After bragging that their successful tests of a multi-warhead nuclear missile would defeat the missile shield that the United States has in mind for Poland and the Czech Republic, you can expect that Putin will be banging his shoe on the desk about this at the G8 Summit next week in Germany. This, after the Bush administration, and Bush himself, encouraged Putin to join in on the shield and participate. After all, we are allies remember? The cold war is over, isn’t it? Apparently not, since Putin’s response now is that he will aim his missiles at Europe.

Putin is out there saying

The missile shield only creates the theoretical illusion that one is protected, but the possibility that a nuclear conflict is unleashed is actually greater . . .


“The strategic balance in the West is disturbed,” said Putin, adding Russia had to create a system to counter U.S. weapons.

Putin is to world peace what the Democrats in Washington are to the war on terror, which includes Iraq. I think it’s Putin who is disturbed and out of balance.