A Poll That Counts In Hazleton PA

A republican democrat (what?) just won a third term as Mayor in a city rife with illegalHazleton, PA Mayor Louis J. Barletta immigrants. Contrary to the McCain, Kennedy, and Martinez crews’ assertions, these American people put America first. Read how a republican won re-election with democrats voting for him as a write-in. He got over 90% of the vote which obviously includes democratic voters. Now there’s bi-partisan support. Someone please tell Sen. Kennedy.

The Hazleton, Pa., mayor who launched a war on the impact of illegal aliens in his city was warned that his future political career would be “haunted” by the decision, but now Louis J. Barletta has won not only the GOP nomination for mayor, which he was seeking, but the Democratic nomination by virtue of 1,200 write-in votes.

There isn’t a bigger, more blatant example of the disconnect between what the politicians and the media think the people want and what the people actually feel about illegal immigration. The Hazleton election is a ‘poll’ no one can dispute. And the only one that counts.

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Mayor wins both GOP and Democrat primaries

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