Immigration Bill Advances In Senate

Lost that battle, but not the war. That’s one way to look at what happened in the Senate today. Today they managed to get the 60 votes needed for cloture (64 yes, 35 no, 1 did not vote) of the bill to end the accepting of amendments. On Thursday, after the proposed amendments are ‘debated,’ there will have to be another cloture vote to end debate and put it to the Senate floor for a vote with or without the amendments submitted. If it goes that far, then the bill will go to the House of Representatives where, I hope it will never be seen again. Not in its present form anyway.

The point is, it ain’t over yet. Let your Senators know once again, or a few more times, before Thursday afternoon that you want the border SHUT first. Forget about a comprehensive anything unless they’re talking about a comprehensive border lock-down. Tell them that no manner or level of a comprehensive solution will serve our country or will even have a chance of serving our country if the flow if illegals and terrorists is not stopped first. In other words, the comprehensive solution must not include the continuing flow of millions more coming across the border. PERIOD. Make sure they hear from you.

I live in Florida, you can bet that Mel Martinez already got the last vote he’s going to get from me. Makes me proud to live close to Alabama, whose senators Sessions and Shelby actually serve their legal constituents and put America first. Martinez and Nelson are both wrong in supporting this bill. They are bi-partisan fools out to pimp the Latino voting block at the expense of our nations safety and security. But not all Latinos, just Mexicans. That’s where the numbers are.

Mel, Bill, I’ll remember you both come election day. For the rest of you, I strongly suggest you check this roll call vote, and the one that will take place on Thursday if it passes, to see if any of your senators voted to pass this bill, then act accordingly.

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