Senator Mel Martinez Needs To Account

“I will do what I can on this topic, but I do think the burden has shifted to others to see what proposals, what solutions, they will offer and they will have,” says our Senator Mel Martinez.

Since the writer of this piece did not ask what kind of suggestions the Senator had received, it is the elephant in the room for those, like me, who want to know. Basically I’d like to see whether there is any reason for me to trust what he says again.

I want to know things like the number of yes/no mail he received from Floridians. And I want to see what “solutions” Floridians sent to him. In the end, I think we will know whether Mel was misleading us, whether he was acting on our behalf by supporting this bill, or on the behalf of someone else.

Will a professional news person be bold enough to ask these questions of the Senator on the record? This article needs a Paul Harvey moment; the rest of the story. Which was getting solutions from the great unwashed. Like those freedom loving people (right wing wackos) that listen to (argh) talk radio, and others.

IMHO, it should be above the fold, page one.

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