Mel Martinez Resigns As RNC Chair

Senator Mel Martinez (R-FL) has resigned as chairman of the Republican National Committee. Now there’s a decision I can agree with.

He dragged the party into “comprehensive” reform double-talk when the party itself was not there. Bush started this mess by appointing him. Looking back, it doesn’t take a Latino as RNC chair to engage that special constituency to attract support. Obviously Bush and he were on the same page. But on this issue they were the only pages in the book .Mel Martinez on Immigration

His political career is over in Florida. He has no chance of being re-elected as a republican. His office was flooded with calls from Floridians, like myself, advising against the President’s plan. It was an overwhelming majority of calls NOT in favor of the bill. For whatever reason he chose to ignore his constituents. Then he speaks to his critics with a condescending attitude and challenges us to submit our own suggestions. Then he ignores his constituents again. He still hasn’t released a single word about the suggestions he received. His constituents will never forget how he thumbed his nose at them. It’s over for him politically, as a republican anyway.

The President should pick the guy that he should have picked last year, Michael Steele.

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