Eliminate White Guilt Now

If you are white and are feeling especially guilty over slavery, there is an alternative to Sam Brownback and John McCain’s resolution to apologize to blacks in America for slavery. There is a way you can eliminate all your guilt and make amends. You can contribute directly to the “Snoop Save A Negro Foundation.”

But wait, if you act now, you’ll also get a years worth of fried chicken, and the Rosetta Stone Ebonics Edition and more.

Not for whites only.
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Louisiana Elects Republican Piyush (Bobby) Jindal Governor

Louisiana’s gubernatorial election yesterday has all the elements of the American dream. A son of Governor elect Bobby JindalIndian immigrants, Rep. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) is the first minority to be elected governor since Reconstruction. He won with 53% of the votes against two multimillionaire opponents who, unlike Jindal, put millions of dollars of their own money to run against him.

Jindal, a 36-year-old Republican, will be the nation’s youngest governor. He had 53 percent with 625,036 votes with about 92 percent of the vote tallied. It was more than enough to win Saturday’s election outright and avoid a Nov. 17 runoff.

“My mom and dad came to this country in pursuit of the American dream. And guess what happened. They found the American dream to be alive and well right here in Louisiana.”

Second and third place finishers were Democrat Walter Boasso, who put in $5 million of his own money, got 18 percent of the vote. And Independent John Georges, who put in $11 million of his own cash, got 14 percent. Eight other candidates garnered the rest of the votes.

At 53% to 18%, of if you prefer to look at it another way, 53% to 32%, it appears that the people of the State of Louisiana have decided that decades of Democrats in Baton Rouge, highlighted by the Hurricane Katrina disaster, has not worked out. It also means, as new RNC Chair Mike Duncan says, that “Republican candidates who are true to our Party’s fundamental principles win at the ballot box.”

The reporting of his victory, history-making as it is, has brought up a new phrase for what I would call a minority. “Non-white.” What’s up with that? I think ‘minority’ is not only correct but it doesn’t have a color of skin attached to it. Are we now to believe that ‘minority’ means black? Is there some sort of ownership regarding race for the word ‘minority?’

Jindal, whose first name is Piyush, is the son of immigrants from India and the first non-white Louisiana governor since Reconstruction in the 1870s.

And then there are the nutroots. Who claim that the DNC is calling the GOP racists. Can’t anything happen without being accused of being racist? Didn’t we already go through this last year? It isn’t and wasn’t the Republican party that had a paucity of blacks in key positions of government.

Link:DNC: Racist GOP Elects Jindal Token Governor, Bobby Rises In Louisiana

Putin’s Caspian Summit

They didn’t tackle their biggest problem, like who owns what of the Caspian Sea? But Putin wants an agreement on a defensive alliance against foreign military forces or attack on any single member of the Caspian Summit. OK, he’s acting paranoid, but he’s just getting tight with Iran while keeping the Caspian Sea off limits to all vessels not under a member state’s flag. This is Putin’s move to put more distance between Iran and any supply route that the U.S. might use in case they need to pay a visit to Tehran.

And then there’s this gem from Tehran Times. A sister paper to the New York Times I think.

First Vice President Parviz Davudi said on Wednesday

that the Iranian government is willing to develop relations with other countries and foster political, economic and social cooperation with all countries excluding the illegitimate regime of Israel.

From the reporting of the summit it seems that Putin is driving the bus.

Belly up to the counter. Politics are on the menu and Ross is on the grill.