You Know Your Campaign Is In Trouble When

Former Senator and presidential hopeful John Edwards’ campaign staff tried to kill a news story of a student at UNC-Chapel Hill. See the video story that so upset the Edwards campaign. Once an ambulance chaser, always an ambulance chaser I guess. Wouldn’t you think that if anything, the Edwards campaign would respond to the article rather than try to have it suppressed? Excuse me if you’ve heard this before but, that’s what liberals do.

Associate Professor C.A. Tuggle said two top staffers for the former North Carolina senator demanded that the school drop the segment from the student-run television program “Carolina Week.” They also asked to have the video removed from the YouTube Web site.

People who want to be president should not be trying to suppress speech. One would think that they should be able to defend and protect the Constitution even before being elected. Edwards isn’t that stupid. But this being the second time people running his campaign have caused him some embarrassment. Well, at least it should have. It does show, however, that Edwards does not know how to pick his campaign staff. Would it be appropriate to question his ability to surround himself with good talent if he were Commander in Chief? That is something a President must be able to do. Hiring grown-ups would be a good start.