Sen. Clinton’s Ethics, Place Your Hand On The Bible

The 90’s were ripe with one Chinese contributor after another returning to China to avoid questions and, ostensibly, an investigation. And to this day, she has not yet learned how to stop taking money from Chinese bundlers.

The most recent two donation incidents were Norman Hsu, that Hillary first agreed to return, then changed her mind. Her last word on that was if the donors asked her for ‘their’ money back then her campaign would return it. So there was no return made. The Chinatown scandal in New York City, where donations were made from non-existent people and places was the other.

Her latest scheme was for the so-called Woodstock museum. That became better known when Sen. John McCain commented on it at a recent Republican primary debate. It was about a $1 million earmark that both Hillary and Charles Schumer tried to sneak into a bill. But this story does not end with the killing of the earmark.

You have to look long and hard to find out the logistics of this particular earmark. The recipient of the one million dollars of our tax money is a billionaire named Alan Gerry who is also one of the promoters of Woodstock ’69. On the third page of this Washington Post article, you will find this. . .

Gerry and his family contributed $20,000 to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, headed by Schumer, and $9,200 to Clinton’s presidential campaign after the earmark was inserted into legislation.

Here’s the deal, for a $29,200 total donation from a billionaire, Hillary and Schumer will spend $1 million of yours and my money for the donor’s pet project. There are a lot of questions about the ethics that should be asked of the woman who wants to be President. I think those questions need to be asked under oath.