Joe Scarborogh, And Me, On CNN’s Plant At Republican Debate

On the ‘Morning Joe‘ show this morning, Pensacola’s own Joe Scarborough gave his take on what the mainstream media has been playing really low key, if mentioning IT at all. The IT is the planting by CNN of questioners at last nights CNN/YouTube sponsored Republican debate.

He didn’t go into all the other phony questioners mentioned here, but he really didn’t need to to make his point. The retired ‘openly gay’ general not only had his video question aired, but CNN flew him from California, all expenses paid, so he could be in the audience and actually participate in the debate with the candidates. THAT was no coincidence. Nor is it a coincidence that he is on the “LGBT Americans for Hillary”1 committee. A national steering committee of over 65 leaders in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community.

The video from Morning Joe is HERE.

I saw the ‘debate.’ And from the opening bell with the folk singer, (folk singers are a staple for liberals (Baez, Mitchell, Young, Taylor)), it quickly became apparent from that tune, and from the way the questions that followed were framed, hitting all the stereotypes the left ascribes to republicans and conservatives, that CNN’s intent was to demean the candidates by casting them all as racists, homophobes, hypocrites and bigots. To their credit though, I thought all of the candidates handled the idiotic questions just fine. Unfortunately, for the few Americans who actually watched the debate, there was little to be learned from the candidates that everybody didn’t already know.

Chalk it up to a waste of time and a failed attempt to disparage the republican field of candidates. CNN did however manage to show themselves to be, to borrow a Chris Wallace phrase, ‘hyper-partisan’ in the staged event, to the point of making them look like total fools in the political arena.

1I have a screen capture of Hillary Clinton’s Campaign website in the event someone edits or removes the web page showing the general’s affiliation with her campaign.

CNN Republican Debate: Not Just A Plant, But A Whole Nursery

While the news that CNN redacted the transcript of a democratic plant, among 6 democratic ‘undecided’ plants, in the Nov 15 Democrat debate they sponsored is still coming out, there is news today that a Hillary campaign operative was a plant in last night’s CNN sponsored Republican debate. The retired general, Keith Kerr, is actually a member of Hillary Clinton’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual Americans For Hillary Steering Committee. Anderson Cooper’s mea culpa below.


Was CNN a victim, an accomplice of Clinton Inc., or just incompetent? A cursory search on the net reveals that this questioner was also on the Steering Committee of “Veterans for Kerry” AND was interviewed twice by CNN in 2003. But it doesn’t stop there. Michelle Malkin’s blog discovers many more.

It certainly makes a case for the uselessness of this kind of ‘debate’ format, and the irrelevance of CNN, ‘the most trusted name in news,’ when it comes to politics. It also makes the case for ‘journalists’ to go back to asking, and taking responsibility for, their own questions.

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CNN Hides Its Tracks, Edits Debate Transcript

I’ve heard it all now. CNN, “the most trusted name in news” redacting the transcript of theLaShannon Spencer, Arkansas Democrat Operative November 15th Democrat Debate. This doesn’t even come close to the fake news conference that FEMA held a few weeks ago.

It’s about LaShannon Spencer, who was identified as a member of the First African Methodist Church, but she is also an Arkansas Democratic Party operative. Hardly the ‘undecided’ she was purported to be.

Here is CNN’s version of their transcript. Try to findCNN, the most trusted to lie. the exchange. Maybe CNN is the most trusted name in news to lie for an agenda? Yeah, that’s it.

h/t Reality Hammer | Newsbusters | Doug Ross @ Journal | Rush Limbaugh

Justice Clarence Thomas / Rush Limbaugh Interview

Justice Clarence Thomas of the United States Supreme Court has published his memoir called My Grandfather’s Son and has been doing interviews on all the usual media outlets that people do who come out with a book, except one. That would be Rush Limbaugh’s radio show. For the first time ever, Rush used his radio show airtime to interview Justice Thomas for 90 minutes. Minus the news and commercial breaks it boils down to just under an hour.

For kids today, Justice Thomas’ life story, the problems he faced and how he dealt with them in a segregated South, serves as a blueprint for how to deal with adversity and make the American dream your own. It is truly awe inspiring regardless of the color of your skin and I hope you take the time to hear his story in his own words.

Best I can say about the interview is, regardless what prejudices one might hold about Rush, or Justice Thomas, or blacks, or whites, or conservatives, put it all aside and listen to this interview, his story. In my humble opinion, his book, if not this interview, deserves a hearing in elementary schools everywhere.

Hear the entire interview HERE.

Saudi Justice, Isn’t

Not sure what the name of this horror flick is, but it makes Nightmare on Elm Street look like Sesame Street. For example, a 19 yr old woman was gang raped, so she gets sentenced to 90 lashes. When her lawyer complains that the gang of rapists got too light of a sentence, the judge raises the victims sentence to 200 lashes and the thugs that raped her get less than a year in jail. And it gets even more bizarre.

Under Saudi Arabia’s interpretation of Islamic Sharia law, women are not allowed in public in the company of men other than their male relatives. The court also banned her lawyer from defending her, confiscated his license to practice law and summoned him to a disciplinary hearing later this month.

Here’s a report that says that Saudi justice dictates that rapists get the death sentence by sword. That’s a nifty way of saying death by beheading. Yet, the rapists in this story get less than a year in prison and get to keep their heads. They apparently don’t have an equal protection clause in their laws. On the contrary, when it comes to women, there’s nothing equal in Islam.

Beheadings in Saudi Arabia are up to 136 so far this year compared to 38 for all of 2006.

Another tragic example of Saudi ‘justice’ is the pending beheading of a 19 yr old nanny. The baby she was caring for died in her arms while she was bottle feeding it. She isn’t being charged with murder, but she is condemned to death because the baby died while in her care.

What century are these people living in? The claim that Islam is a “religion of peace” necessitates a, to quote a famous woman in U.S. politics, suspension of disbelief. Be aware also when you see anyone representing CAIR that they also would like to see this insane Islamic Sharia law implemented here in the United States.

Massive Ordinance Penetrator And Other Gifts

Living in Pensacola has its benefits. Like hearing the bomb blasts from about 50 miles away at the Eglin Air Force base testing and practicing range. Which brings me to my wish list for Santa. I’d like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to get one of these. It’s called a Massive Ordnance Air Blast. It has also been affectionately called the Mother Of All Bombs.

Massive Ordnance Air Blast

Thanks to the Northwest Florida Daily News for a fine article.

Video of first test, 5 years ago.

Lawsuit Perfect Storm Set In Pensacola

In one day, in the same issue, and on the same pages, the editorial pages echo a story on the front page called “Troubled Waters.” The Pensacola News Journal editorial page begins with “Still a long way to go in curbing toxic emissions.” Citing problems with mercury and lead both here and across the nation, raising the impact to “the critical importance of taking stronger steps to reduce or eliminate emissions of toxic chemicals.” It’s lead paint in houses, it’s PCB’s. What would we do without a ‘crisis’ to champion? And who eats houses anyway?

In the same section comes an article from Emerald Coastkeepers, an environmental group with strong ties to BIG law and Air America Radio talk show hosts Mike Papantonio and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., both of whom can lay claim to suing the pants off big corporations from Hudson Falls, NY to a mining town in West Virginia, and BIG pharm and BIG tobacco. This article says that the Coastkeepers are keeping and eye on a BIG company, Archer-Western, doing road infrastructure work for the county. Seems that all the state-required environmental precautions are no match for the occasional signature Florida rainstorm and some runoff goes into a bayou, Bayou Texar.

Curious thing about Bayou Texar is that it is lined with expensive homes with septic systems that leak raw sewage into it, rain or shine, 24-7-365, and the Coastkeepers are not concerned with stopping that. It’s about who has the deepest pockets, not who is doing the most damage.

The PNJ is just playing the responsible role in informing us of the environmental problems around us. And it is also laying the groundwork for the dynamic duo to go after those big, evil corporations again.

Digging deeper into this perfect storm shows the Independent News was the first to bring it up in their November 1st cover story. Coming off his “landmark environmental victory” in Spelter, W.Va, Papantonio says “I’m going to start doing cases like this in our area. I’m ready for it.” Papantonio sort of laid out his cards in an interview with editor Duwayne Escobedo like this . . .

“We have a generational issue here,” he says. “We had a generation of politicians, media types, businessmen, doctors and professionals who knew better but allowed the environmental devastation to happen anyway. There is going to be a backlash.”

He’s already thinking about the next environmental cases Levin Papantonio and its partners will do in Northwest Florida but he’s not ready to reveal them all yet.

Pressed about it, he does single-out lumber and paper company International Paper. Levin Papantonio filed suit last year on behalf of a handful of Cantonment residents against the company, the world’s largest paper company.

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A Call To Harms, Slip & Fall Gone Wild | Here’s a suggestion

Mocking McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Reform

Here’s a story in today’s Washington Post that actually represents a fine tutorial on how illegal campaign contributions get to the Clinton campaign. But it could be to any-one’s campaign. The only thing missing in this article is how these ‘contributors’ who don’t have two nickels to rub together get their money back from Alonzo Cantu, a self-made multi-millionaire who literally owns McAllen, Texas, a small border town near the Rio Grande.

Well, it’s not exactly missing. Instead of checks to replace their contribution, those people do business with and get business from Cantu. There’s the quid pro quo. But try to prove that in court.

Campaign finance reform is the one thing that politicians really don’t want, but say they do. Bottom line, it doesn’t matter that congress, Bush, and the SCOTUS all had their hands in it. It needs to go.

The premise that special interests, aka money, are corrupting the politicians and that laws need to be made to limit the money, totally misses the point. If anyone is corrupt, it is the politician that does a quid pro quo or who otherwise breaks the law in money laundering and/or takes bribes like William Jefferson (D-La) did. It’s not the donor, it’s what the recipient does. Don’t re-elect a crook.

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